Jack LaLanne Rules!

Rest In Peace Jack Lalanne (died at 96)... you were truly the Godfather of Fitness in the 20th century. Thank you for your inspiration. Your rules of your "10 Step Self Improvement Plan" worked back in your day and work still.

Recently I had a conversation with some friends on Facebook that was pretty interesting. We were talking about eating fast "food" and tt got me thinking and I wanted to share with you something that I follow in my own life. I personally do not crave any fast food. In fact I don't even consider it an option for me whatever as anything I would ever consume. My son Brayden has never had a happy meal or Frosty. When he's older if he decides to consume those food-like substances I won't be happy, of course, but in the end it it will be his choice.

In our daily life when we eat we don't count calories. We eat what we want and probably much more than most. True story... it's WHAT and WHEN you eat that matters for overall health, immunity, and energy.

We have a few rules that we live by and eat by. We keep it simple. Maybe 1 or 2 of these can be yours too.

1) We eat mostly raw, uncooked foods that are organic and primarily vegetables. We aim to get multiple and follow my "Stoplight Principle" which means we have living foods that are colored red, yellow/ orange, and lots of green in every meal.

2) When we do eat animal foods, which is not too often, we don't have more than 1 animal product a day. It has to be pasture raised and/ or wild caught.

3) We rarely and infrequently eat grains and when we do they're always whole grains that we prepare ourselves.

4) We do our best to stay away from the 4 Little White Devils every day. They are: sugar, salt, white flour, and pasteurized dairy of any kind.

Follow those rules and your health will be maximized.

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!