It's Harder For Women To Gain Muscle With Kettlebells


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Although you might gain a little muscle over the first few months of any progressive resistance training program, however especially if you are a woman, you will plateau with gains and it will be very difficult to continue putting on more. Your body will balance at a point and UNLESS you are eating to gain, you won't gain.

Scientifically there is no need to worry about growing and growing and getting bigger and bigger muscles. This is due to lower testosterone and higher estrogen.

The reality of that is rather difficult to do, especially as a woman. Again, when someone does not train for a long time, or has never trained in their life, and then begins a progressive resistance training program an increase in lean muscle tissue is going to happen and is very common. Ultimately this is a very good thing because with increased muscle comes a higher metabolism, increased strength, and increased overall energy... all good things!

Our workouts at Synergy Kettlebell Training are balanced with the big picture of the week. Some have a more upper body focus while others have lower and others still have core or cardio.

Our workouts are also designed for Strength Endurance being our primary big picture goal. We do this in 3 phases over a 3 month training cycle. Ex. Month one's focus is Power [shorter sets, 5-10 reps], month two's focus is Strength [moderate sets, 10-20 reps], and month three we focus on Conditioning [longer sets, 30+ reps], etc.

Depends on the day, but if someone comes at least 3 times a week they will experience a variety of focuses and every 2 weeks we change up our workout theme so that the training cycle continues progressing each trainee in a way where the body adapts positively, but does not ever plateau. It's also a much more fun workout and entertaining training experience that way too!

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