iFast 30 Day Challenge

New Nutrition Challenge

Even though Spring weather is right around the corner, Summer is so near we can taste it. During the month of April we are going to discover a new way to have more energy, keep our bodies healthy and lean by not only optimizing the foods we eat, but WHEN we eat them!

Take Part In Our 30 Day iFast Challenge

Step 1. Choose your level of commitment Step 2. Break your fast with “proper foods” at the right time Step 3. Experience every benefit!

Benefits Of iFasting

Increased energy Mental clarity Recovery Lower inflammation Better sleep Lower insulin response Higher growth hormone Lower cortisol & estrogen Balanced testosterone Radiant skin and the list goes on...

How You Can Do This

Commitment Level 1: Fast until noon every day for April.

Commitment Level 2: Fast until 4:00p.m. or later* 5 days per week in April.

Commitment Level 3: Fast for a full 24 hours once-per-week in April.

Commitment Level 4: Fast for a full consecutive 48 hours twice during April. NOTE: You may certainly combine levels as you take off in experiencing a new freedom from food that will directly help you achieve the results for which you have been working so hard. Ex. Commit for Level 2 and once a week practice a full 24 hour water fast.


IMPORTANT NOTE: How To Properly Break A Fast

Because your body has been fasting, storing up enzymes, and certain foods (ie. meats) can be pretty aggressive on the digestive system, it is be to always break a fast with a Green smoothies or a Salad rich in leafy greens and raw veggies. This will replenish your system with the enzymes it needs to properly digest the rest of your foods.

iFast Timing Clarification

Personally I typically begin eating after 5 or 6pm. On some days it is closer to 8pm. I eat over a 2-4 hour eating window and stop about a half hour or so prior to bed. Of course other people have different sleep schedules so folks who wake up early in the morning (5 or 6am give or take) can certainly break their fast sooner. Again- I stick to an 18-20 hour fast from the time I stopped eating no matter the time I wake up.

During the day when we don’t eat we engage the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). When that happens our Growth Hormone is higher, our testosterone is elevated, our insulin (fat storing hormone) is low, our glucagon (a fat burning hormone) is elevated, and all that causes us to be much more alert, energized, vigorous, and in a fat burning environment.

As soon as we eat enough to disrupt the SNS, the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) engages and we begin slowing down due to the blood, enzyme production, and energy needed for digestion. Our body may feel sluggish and not as alert. Our vigor has been drained and the fat burning slowed down to potential fat storage. This is why if we eat our main balanced meal at the later part of the day then we will be able to sleep much, much more efficiently and the sluggish feeling won’t matter since we are going to be sleeping anyway.

Final Thoughts

To sum: I have found the best results are with an 18-20 hour fast before breaking it with a green smoothie and/or dark leafy green salad.

So choose your level and challenge yourself to iFast during the next 30 days. If you have any questions on anything related to our iFast challenge please leave me a comment below this blog post and I will address it there. Have an awesome month and an amazing experience iFasting as I have for the past 6 years.