If You’re ill- 3 Quick Fix Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

I hope your Christmas was awesome! We had some great times here too. It was soooo cool seeing Brayden open up all his super cool presents. Here's a pic of some of his new gifts:
Ok so now that you are all mesmerized by Brayden's totally sweet new Christmas bounty let's get back to YOU.
After eating certain things, holiday stresses, potential gift disappointments by getting too many socks and sweaters, alongside all the different traveling sometimes our bodies don't want to cooperate. I want to help you along through the process of getting better fast should you feel anything coming on or already manifesting itself. Here is the solution that I have found to always work to make people better inside of 48-72
hours. This is no joke and really works.
You can get all 3 products at Whole Foods, Fruitful Yield, Sprouts, and many other local health food stores for the best prices. Buy quality and don't just get the store brand or generic cause it's cheaper. Your body is yours and get the best by investing in yourself. Your family will thank you for your hard work and consistent efforts of setting the example of bettering yourself.
1. Oregano Oil: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and a host of other ugly things. Oregano Oil is more potent than bleach when it comes to remedying these things. I recommend the New Chapter, North American Herb Spice, or Nature's Way brand. Take one capsule every 2 hours.

2. Probiotics: these are the friendly bacteria to be put back in your body and instantly working to restore digestion and strong immunity. I recommend only the New Chapter All Flora capsules. Take one every hour on the hour for a couple days to restore all internal function & then take 2 per day as maintenance for the rest of your life and you will rarely get sick if ever. These are 100% kid friendly. I give Brayden one a day. He just breaks the capsule open while tipping his head back and away he goes.

3. Colloidal Silver: this is nature's natural anti-biotic. It is very gentle and very effective. Only take this while experiencing problems as it can overload the system if used ongoing. Take as directed. The Sovereign is, in my opinion, the best with this product.

If you use these products, and they're not that expensive, you will feel better and be better inside of 48-72 hours. Be sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day to make sure you are flushing it and hydrating it properly. A drop of even 15% water in your body will decrease overall energy levels by about half. Water is so vital and so good for us. Many people are bloated because of not having enough water. Pay very close attention to that so that you do not hold sodium on your body too much. Having too much water can also be an issue, but most people eat too much sodium to begin with so unless you suspect that you are drinking too much, probably a gallon and a half or more a day, then don't worry.