I Graduated To True Long Cycle!

So I just completed my sets for today. It went very, very well and I felt good throughout the whole thing. I am moving to my primary sets being doubles now that I can.  It's a totally different animal and I LOVE it!!!  Just the fact that I can perform true Long Cycle sets now with 2 bells is huge progress for me in regards to my back health.

I do hang from a pull up bar from time to time, but not as consistently as I would like because the one I have at home is a doorway one and my legs touch the ground if straightened. When I'm at the gym (Anytime Fitness is where I work) I'll hang here and there. I'm looking to purchase a traction bed like a Teeter's Hangups. I've been looking on Craigslist and waiting for the right price. My chiropractor has one and I use it whenever I'm there, but that's only twice a month so I want to have one at home for daily use.

I do not regularly use a belt when I train so that I get the most self- core stabilization. I want my spine to be supported by my TVA('transverse abdominis' which is our built in belt) and the rest of my core rather than have an external support. The only time I use a belt is when I go heavy. I don't want to injure myself at the sake of one workout. I've been there before and it's not pleasant or worth it at all.

Workout 010209:
10 Min. Long Cycle @ 2 20kg and 4rpm

4 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 12rpm


The only thing that really got me on the LC set was my forearms and my left foot. My forearms are usually very good on enduring and they weren't completely shot by any means. I could have gone longer if I wanted or needed to, but they were just quite noticeable.
My foot began cramping a bit in the big toe and sole which was odd because its never done that before as well. I guess Eric Liford's (editor for the World & American Kettlebell Clubs) crampy feet bled through the fiber optics of the internet and caught a hold of my own. LOL!

All in all everything went well and I will stay with the two 20's until I am extremely comfortable at a pace of at least 10 reps per minute for 10 minutes on the LC.