How To Make Probiotic Kombucha Tea PART 2

Hey there! I'm soooooo VERY excited to bring you PART 2 of our How To Make Probiotic Kombucha Tea series. This is one of my absolute favorite beverages and to know that you are stimulating better health every time you drink it is a really great benefit on top of the amazing taste of the tea itself. In case you did not catch PART 1 in our series check that out here: HOW TO MAKE PROBIOTIC KOMBUCHA TEA PART 1

What you will need for making Kombucha Tea:

1. At least one glass jar similar to what we show in the video. 2. Box of tea bags. I recommend either black or green organic tea. If you want decaf be sure to pay attention to the process by which they make it such. The best methods are by water and carbon dioxide. 3. Bag of turbanado sugar. 4. Good supply of filtered water. 5. Wooden utensils. The culture cannot touch metal or it will oxidize and die. 6. Paper towels 7. Rubberbands to stretch over the top of your glass container. 8. MOST IMPORTANT: The Kombucha SCOBY(symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) Starter (culture needed to ferment and brew the tea)

NOTE: Never ever allow metal to touch the SCOBY. If it does it can die due to oxidation. Use only wooden utensils and glass bottles for brewing and storing.

If you do not have a SCOBY I will send you one with a little starter tea as well.

Kombucha Packages

Brewing Kombucha Tea is a lot of fun, super easy to do, and super healthy to drink every day. Leave me some comments if you have anything to share about your Kombucha stories, preparation recommendations, benefits, questions, etc.

R. Garon

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