How To Make Probiotic Kombucha Tea PART 1

Kombucha Tea is a fermented tea that is drank for medicinal health purposes in order to benefit from the probiotic culture, which is healthy bacteria, living within the tea itself. It so good for you that I personally drink at least 1-2 bottles of my Kombucha brew every day. I guess I can stand up and say that I'm addicted to Kombucha. LOL You can purchase Kombucha from many health food stores, but you're probably gonna spend a pretty penny, and even eventually take out a loan to cover and satisfy your(okay MY) Kombucha addiction, if you go that route. Or you can find pleasure in both saving your hard earned money and have your very own batch of Kombucha Tea by brewing it right in your home. Kombucha Tea is so easy to make and can easily made at home by following the super simple steps that Lisa and I detail for you here.

What exactly is going on when you brew Kombucha Tea? Good Question! Your tea will be fermenting over about a one week period using a visible, solid mass of yeast and bacteria, which forms the Kombucha culture. This culture is often referred to as the "mushroom", the "mother", or "scoby".

Here are some of the benefits of drinking Kombucha Tea:
Restores hair color
Thickens hair
Increases skin health
Dissolves gallstones
Increases energy
Lengthens lifespan
Arterioscrosis/softens veins
Speeds healing
Lowers cholesterol
Lowers blood pressure
Improves digestion
Increases blood circulation
Eliminates wrinkles/skin humectant
Improves menopausal symptoms
Strengthens leg muscles
Chickenpox /herpes zoster remedy
Colitis/improves digestion/ nervous stomach
Poultice for wounds/ulcers
Cleanses gallbladder
Lessens anxiety & helps you adapt to stress
Levels glucose
Protects teeth from cavities
Activates glandular system

In Part 1 we're gonna give you a good overview of what it is, what it looks like, what tea types are recommended for Kombucha Tea.

What you will need for Part 2:

1. At least one glass jar similar to what we show in the video. 2. Box of tea bags. I recommend either black or green organic tea. If you want decaf be sure to pay attention to the process by which they make it such. The best methods are by water and carbon dioxide. 3. Bag of turbanado sugar. 4. Good supply of filtered water. 5. Wooden utensils. The culture cannot touch metal or it will oxidize and die. 6. Paper towels 7. Rubberbands to stretch over the top of your glass container. 8. MOST IMPORTANT: The Kombucha SCOBY(symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) Starter (culture needed to ferment and brew the tea)

Check out Part 2 now:

Brewing Kombucha Tea is a lot of fun and super easy to do. If you have any questions just leave me a comment here and I will get right back to you.