How NOT To Do A Pushup

If you've been following my blog long enough you'll know that fitness is a huge part of our life in the Garon household and sometimes we randomly just break out in some Kettlebell swings, pushups, jumping jacks, lunges, or whatever. It's my goal to ingrain into my son Brayden that life needs to be active and health is a huge factor to always keep in check and focus. Since moving back to Illinois and being around family they too have the opportunity to benefit from our lifestyle. My niece Brooke has been practicing some fitness activities with Brayden recently and when we got to pushups we ran into a wall. Without even giving her instructions, and just telling her to perform a pushup, she did what she thought was what she should be doing. Needless to say we laughed a lot. Ok... now we weren't laughing AT her, but just at what she was doing. She innocently was trying her best, but simply didn't know exactly what how to properly do it. We adults are like this too and often times our bodies won't do what our mind wants or sometimes our mind doesn't grasp exactly how to physically do something. That's okay. We just need patience and consistent practice at the things we want to get better at.
Check This Out: In the U.S., the average body fat percentage for a man is around 25%, while a woman it’s around 40%. Men should be at about 12% and women 22%. It take a lot of work to be healthy and people are generally lazy… so they get fat. Be encouraged today to make your actions reflect your goals.

One thing you can be certain that if you regularly perform pushups, even if you think you cannot there are always modifications to help you so you can(ie. wide leg stance for a stronger base), you will become much stronger in much more than your arms and chest because your core works a lot in the movement to stabilize your legs and hips. Give 5-10 pushups a go 3 times a day, at set times every day, and inside of 3 weeks you'll be able to do that many all at once.  Happy Trails!