Heart Smart Synergy Kettlebell workout theme

Heart Smart Synergy Kettlebell theme


The month of February is the time for Love. there is no better way to love ourselves than to take care of our bodies and be the best that we can be.

Heart Smart is all about focusing on endurance... not just cardiovascular endurance, but muscular too.

Our WODs will make everyday tasks seem easier and effortless. We are going to get the blood flowing and the body sweating!

Our hearts work hard everyday for us, it’s about time we return the favor!!

I have a friend, named Jerry Gray, who has had 8 heart attacks over the years (he is almost 73yrs old) due to his smoking (did so for 23 yrs) and poor eating habits from years prior. He continues to keep fighting to be as active as he can. Every year he goes on hikes with his adult boys in Glacier National Park as well as other wilderness preserves. He is also a regular competing Kettlebell Sport athlete. He is a very strong advocate on taking care of our bodies through nutrition and exercise. Here are some words directly from him that will help put this theme into perspective for us.

"February Is HEART Month: Our bodies are inherently equipped to handle our soft life style and the crap for food that we call nutrition. We're only going to kick this 'can' once. Don't give up on yourself. Studies have shown that a natural food diet [made with unprocessed ingredients] & exercise will produce results and reduce health care cost tremendously."