Gymboss Timer Review

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Personally, when I workout or train, time and quality is of the essence. Even more, timing is extremely important. Most of my clients know we train for time and train for lasting the entire set which will deliver the best strength endurance result. I do a lot of Kettlebell Interval Protocols where the interval is 15s on and 15s off or 40/20, 60/30, 30/30, etc.  The Gymboss Interval Timer really comes handy as it counts not only our time, but also our total sets of intervals completed so this allows me to focus more on the form and technique of my clients rather than on where I'm at in my training session.  Ultimately it just keeps things simple.  :)

This thing is pretty handy.  Check out all the cool things it can do.

Are you Weightlifting? Any rest period you desire (30, 60, 90 seconds, 2,
3, 5 minutes, or any other time you want) can be set. When you complete
each set simply push the start button to begin timing, when it alarms
(choice of beep, vibrate, or both) begin a new set.

If you are a Runner/Walker who wants to improve your race time or a walker
who wants to run, you can improve through the use of intervals by
running for short periods at a pace significantly higher than your
normal comfort zone followed by intervals of easy running or jogging.
While this type of training is usually regarded as an advanced training
technique for the experienced runner training to develop speed and
raise their anaerobic threshold, the average runner or even walkers can
benefit from this training as well.

Use Gymboss to create your own custom cardio workout for, bike (road or stationary), walk/running, treadmill, jump rope, elliptical trainer

Play your own music during your workout!!!!! Using a Gymboss timer
you can do the Curves training cycle and listen to YOUR music, this
timer worn on your waistline or in your pocket will vibrate to let you
know when its time to change stations!!!!! You could also do your
workout at home or in the facility of your choice!!!!

Boxers, Grapplers, and Martial Artists can benefit from the Gymboss personal boxing training timer which allows you to time ANY round time followed by ANY rest time from 2 seconds to 60 minutes.

Stuck in an exercise slump? Try Interval Training to revitalize your aerobic
workouts. Interval Training will improve your aerobic capacity, the
ability of the body to remove oxygen from the air and transfer it
through the lungs and blood to the working muscles. You'll raise your
anaerobic threshold; the point at which the body can no longer meet its
demand for oxygen and anaerobic metabolism is accelerated. Thus, you'll
be able to work out harder and longer. You'll burn more calories,
thereby improving your physique, plus you'll add more challenge and
interest to your workouts - keeping you on the road to fitness.

Speed training is one of the best things you can do to better your
performance as an athlete. The greatest concern of today’s athletes in
football, hockey, soccer, baseball, tennis, track and field, running,
and almost every other sport ( except curling ) is how to improve
playing speed-the speed of all movements including starting, stopping,
accelerating, changing body direction, body contact, sprinting, and
split-second decision making during competition.

The sky is the limit for the Gymboss Interval Timer and your fitness/exercise program.
I suggest that you get one as soon as you can to assist you. It’s just
another tool to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals.