Grocery Shopping For Meat: Paleo Style

  I had a few of my Synergy Kettlebell Training members email me and ask about where to buy grassfed, pasture raised, and wild caught meats. So I thought I'd share my response with you here so the masses can benefit.


WHAT STORES ARE RECOMMENDED: You can purchase your food at Trader Joe's, Fruitful Yield (Illinois only), Whole Foods, Woodman's, Fresh Market, Sprout's food co-ops (cheaper and typically best quality), etc.


LABELING: It depends on the store if the pasture raised or wild caught will be labeled on the package, but most do. Some stores, like Whole Foods, have the meat classified differently up at the meat counter, but you will be able to ask the butchers. All fish packages will say "wild caught or wild". It will most likely also say farm raised, but if not assume it is and avoid it. Trader Joes packages look very similar so ask if you don't know, but the beef does say "grassfed beef". Fruitful Yield is all labeled, but quality is not as high in my opinion.

KNOW YOUR FARMER AND PAY HIM FOR HIS HARD WORK: THE BEST is to get your meat and produce from food co-ops if you can because you will be buying straight from the farmer. We get our organic produce delivered from Timber Creek Farms ( They're in the Chicagoland area, but also in the states surrounding. There's also Door To Door Organics. It's free delivery right to your door and prices are actually cheaper for organic than conventionally grown produce purchased in stores. On top of that you don't need to venture out and do the shopping which is a time waster.

LET'S DO OUR PART TOGETHER TO HELP SUSTAIN: I know other states have their own food co-ops and organizations like Timber Creek Farm and Door To Door Organics if you're in Colorado, the Kansas City area, Michigan, New England area, and the Chicago area. There's also Wallace Farms in Iowa, Illinois, and surrounding areas. So definitely check out what's in your area. It's always great to get amazing quality food and contribute to the small farmer rather than the giant conglomerates who only want your money rather than your partnership to make this planet more sustainable for people in years to come.

What do you think? Where do you get your produce and pasture meats in your area?


R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!