Grip Matters So Make It False

Girevoy Sport is about efficiency.  You want to focus on every detail- small or large- when looking to be efficient.  No matter if you are performing a Jerk, Clean, Press, Long Cycle, etc. you will want to have the same grip and it should be a very efficient one.  When you have your grip squeezed tight, fingers straightened out, or fingers fully wrapped around the bell you are essentially using more energy than you want.  The Hooked False Grip is what is recommended.  First is to be sure to use the "false grip" where your fingers are bent and touching between the handle and your palm.  Then you will need to have the "hook grip" around the bell as well with the forefinger and your thumb. Conserve it.  False Grip it.  The pic is of Valery Fedorenko with the 40kg bell and his perfect false grip.  Notice how relaxed the rest of his body is.  That is efficiency.  That is true Girevoy Sport.  More to come on this later...

R. Garon

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