Gravity Is NOT the Friend of Kettlebells

Exhibit A

This workout was a bit more challenging than I had expected.  It may have been due to the extra gravity issue that was reported directly over Chandler, Arizona yesterday around the same time as my workout.  Yeah it was really fluke thing too.  Just the day before when I picked up my bells they felt good and then today they just felt really heavy.  So I immediately jumped on the website for Extremely High and Localized Gravitational Pull Zones and there it was in black and white and silver and green.  Chandler, Arizona was under some sort of "Extra Gravitational Influx"(see exhibit A above).  They said that it started around 12pm and would continue until a little after 1pm.  Hmmm... That seemed really strange that it would last only as long as my workout, but I just went with it anyway. 
Yeah those bells felt really heavy and none of my grunting and groaning did anything to get rid of the Gravitational Influx.  I guess what doesn't kill me certainly will make me stronger.  I didn't die, sure felt like I was gonna, so I hope I'm stronger for it.

This was my workout for 112508:
4 Min. Snatch warm-up @ 20kg and 15rpm


3 Min. LC @ 2x20kg and 6rpm
Rest 2 min. And repeat
2 Min. Jerks @ 2x20kg and 6rpm
Rest 1 min.
4 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 11rpm

3x50 JS @ 45#
20 Min. Run

I sure hope today they get that gravity problem fixed.  They better do it before Thanksgiving cause I'm sure there will be a lot of complaints of full and heavier than normal bellies.  Just imagine all the really upset people who wake up Friday morning and step on the scale.  Wow!!!  I wouldn't want to be any of those folks handling complaints over at the E.H.L.G.P.Z.(see above) Office.  

R. Garon

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