Fruiting and Vegging For A Healthy Body

A healthy colon is a healthy body.  Most people do not get enough fiber.  One way I recommend is by fruiting and vegging.  Ok so I just coined those "words".  Don't freak out anal grammar fanatics out there!  LOL! :) Watch- they'll catch on soon enough.
Anyway there are many folks who subscribe to juicing being the best way to extract nutrients from great natural sources being fruits and veggies and this is certainly a way to get them, but I don't believe to be the best unless you absolutely must.  The extraction process is what detracts from the natural wholeness of the fruit or veggie.  If you toss the juiced pulp on your salads or eat it somehow okay then you'll be better off, but the best way is to actually eat the fruit and then blend and then juice.

My thoughts are like this:  If nature intended dairy to come out of the cow skim it would have.  So eat it full-fat.  If nature intended eggs to come out of the chicken with just the whites in the shell then they would have.  Don't separate the yolk and whites, but instead it is as nature intended.  It will be fully balanced in your system in that respect.  The same holds true for fruit.  If nature intended the fruit to be centrifuged apart so that the pulp and flesh were free from the juice and nutrients it would have been grown that way.  Nature has a balance in place for a reason.  We benefit from getting the completeness in our diets. 

I am actually in the process right now of writing my own book regarding a lifestyle of eating practices.  Everyone who regularly trains with me or who reads my articles can clearly see the direction I will be going and I have had exceptional personal success as well as that of my clients in my prescribed eating protocol.  One recent(past 6 months) client lost 60lbs. within 11 weeks and cleared up IBS, ulcers, and a couple other personal issues.  She is still ongoing in her journey to living a healthy lifestyle, but the initial needed weight loss came with very detailed fat loss and muscle retention monitoring.  This was an exceptional case, but on average the first 2 weeks of a client beginning my recommended eating practice is 10+ pounds of fat loss. Above that an increased health and well-being is experienced. That is what it's all about moreover.  After that depending on what they need to lose it will continue.  I have not seen plateaus in anyone until their body gets to the point of where it doesn't need to lose any more.

So essentially my recommendation is to do what you feel is best and would suggest allowing openness in your mind to what you can do to evolve your own game- whatever that may be. Always strive for balance in all things.