From Your Coach: Before Every Workout

image The other day I broke one of my own cardinal rules. I was coming off of a stressful night with my son and then woke up early. Long story short, I was tired and unmotivated. So the last thing I truly wanted to do was workout, but I knew I needed to and knew I had to stick to my schedule or I would get out of habit.

Not only that, but I was pressed for time. So what did I do? I jumped right into my workout without first warming up. And I ended up straining a muscle in my shoulder. No bueno!


My cardinal rule has always been before I ever pick up a Kettlebell, run any steps, perform a single pushup, or do even 1 situp that I made it a priority to always warmup first. Well I didn't follow my own rules and I paid the price.

When we practice a good warmup our joints will release toxins, lubricate with synovial fluid, and the muscles will get lengthened so they're ready for full range of movement. This is important for every type of exercise training, strength and cardio alike.

Personally no matter what I'm doing I always perform our Synergy Dynamics before every workout. Years ago I developed it to take all our joints and muscles, from the top of our head to the bottom of our toes, through all movement ranges. Your mind will be ready and your body will feel ready to train as soon as you're done.


Warmup:THIS PREPARES YOU FOR TODAY’S WORKOUT!” This is our Synergy Dynamics.

Cool Down:THIS PREPARES YOU FOR YOUR NEXT WORKOUT!” This is our Synergy Dynamics Floor Sequence & Foam Roll.


Always make it a priority to be at your workouts early enough for a proper warm up and never just rush out to go home immediately after. The cooldown is just as important, possibly even more important even, than the warm up is. Make those to your priority and you will experience even greater results.

So you can become proficient and practice this on your own every time you without, watch the videos I put together that overview both our Synergy Dynamics Warmup & Cool Down Sequences:

R. Garon

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