Freedom Of Exercise

I was reading a Facebook post today from a fellow Kettlebell coach of mine. He was saying how one of his students completed a lower level Kettlebell certification course. This person also practices, and competes in, Kettlebell Sport. What really irked him was that another Kettlebell coach, and also a co-worker to his student, who has completed a higher level certification course was threatening to report this individual because she was performing the Kettlebell Jerk and that movement was not taught until the Level 2 course. My goodness!!! keep-calm-cause-we-are-the-elite

Who the heck gives the right for someone to lift how they want to lift and train how they want to train except the individual. It does not matter what course a person has taken or not taken. Courses are only developed for the purpose of educating the public and generating a business profit for those who lead the course. Both focuses are perfectly acceptable objectives, but just because someone has not gone through a higher level course does not mean that they cannot practice what they want or begin to introduce other means into their own program.

People just need to relax from the elitest mindset, become more personally secure, and allow others to be who they are and express themselves how they see fit.

Keep in mind that the Jerk, Snatch, Swing, Clean, or whatever has been around long long before any of these said courses have. It is up to us to decide how we train our own bodies and what movements we use to do that. Good thing this 'Higher Level' coach didn't see her practicing her double-under technique with the jump rope because that's not even offered in the Level 2 course. The audacity! The outrage! Actually, how quite pathetic in my opinion.

I'd like to hear your thoughts...

-Bob Garon, GiryaWarrior