Food Addict

Lisa Garon  

I woke up on Mother's Day, feeling, well... kinda crappy.  Oh I was happy enough with the day, but I just felt ... YUCK!!!  I had a thought cross my mind I really should talk with Bob...I need some help...

About what you ask? About my out-of-control eating.

Yes, I am an addict. I am addicted to food. And now I am bringing my honesty to you.

I am the on-the-go stuffer. There are all kinds of us out there. There are the late-night scroungers, the eaters of what-my-kids-eat, the stressed-and-zapped snackers, and the fancy-and-delish foodies.

This is not an easy admission... you see, I'm the expert, right? I help others and hold their hand through the rough moments and days. I have studied just about every diet that has come about. I have detoxed. I have supplemented. I have lost pounds... over and over and over again.

But... it's ok to have chocolate cake once in awhile, right? Or the deep dish pizza? And, if I skip my salad a day or two or five... I'll be ok, right?


So, when I talked with Bob, I asked him, not only for his accountability, but also for his support as I gain control on this part of my journey. Now I come to you, asking for your accountability and support. Do you find yourself in the same spot...? Do you need support too? Let our community know below or email me directly.

Girya Runner ~Lisa Garon