Fighting Childhood Obesity Starts With All Parents

While the adults have fun at Kettlebell Kamp Brayden sits or plays by the wayside peering in on the wonderful things we do to be active. Of course we couldn't just leave him without having some of the fun too.
Here is a collection of Brayden Garon highlights.


To go along with Brayden's cool demos here's a good one that I did recently and recommend you giving it a shot as well.
3 Min. Double 3lb. Sledgehammer Combos

Workout: 5-10 Rounds of the following:
5 Kettlebell Clean & Presses/Jerks with a heavy bell
30 Heavy Swings barely making 30.

Try to get this workout done inside of 20 minutes.

I always like to finish my workout with either a quick set of 4-5 short sprints and/or 20-30 min. of Synergy Flow which is my own specially designed yoga sequence that we do at Kettlebell Kamp. My personal version is a bit more ellaborate than our Kamp cooldown.

No matter what you do be sure to do something active every day. Bring your kids with you. Don't bother tossin them in the daycare. Workout with them. Teach them how to be active and how to have fun at the same time. Have a set time, at least 15-30 minutes every single day for this fun family exercising activity time. If you need tips and advice I would be honored to assist.

Remember the obesity stops with us. We control our children's future. We are their leaders. Lead them by leading yourself!