Exercise Intensity Is Key To Greater Results

Keep your exercise short and sweet and you will reap greater results.

NEWS FLASH: 1-2 days of exercise a week is NOT enough. Our habits MUST reflect our goals.

Based upon my experience and opinion, exercising 3-4 times a week max, in an intense resistance environment, and on the off days go walking, running, sprinting or biking (whatever your preference and conditioning allows) is perfect for overall fitness and ongoing great health.  If you do much more than that and you're potentially over training which can then lead to diminishing returns.

If you train intensely enough 3-4 times a week is perfect. Intensity is the key. It must be working to your full potential. Strength and Conditioning 101 says: You can't maintain progress without adequate recovery.

Train your body as a unit, as one piece and not individual parts. If you try to isolate muscle groups you'll end up with a Frankenstein body that doesn't work well together.

R. Garon

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