Every Workout

The title of this post symbolizes mindset. Mindset is everything with kettlebell lifting and practice. If you do not choose to do it you will not. If you choose to be weak one day you will be. If you choose to push through that weakness, no matter what that might mean, you will. Choices control our lives. Every choice we make has a consequence. Some might be good and some might be bad, but regardless it is up to us depending on what choices we make. That's life and kettlebell lifting is part of life- at least it is in my life. When we choose to wake up each day to begin what can either be a great day or a not so great day it is up to us what attitude to take. Sometimes the only thing we control in our lives are our attitudes. That can definitely make a huge difference in our dealings with others.

Without getting too philosophical I wanted to make simple mention of those thoughts. Within each workout lies the option of continuing on and giving up. The body can be very weak when placed under stress. The mind must be tougher to persevere. It is those who continue on despite discomfort, depleted energy, and muscle fatigue that truly experience the greatest results.

During my own workouts I must take them one at a time. When I am performing a timed set of kettlebell lifts I must focus on each and every rep. That means I cannot think about the next minute of reps or what I have already done, but I must think about the very next rep that I'm about to do and do it perfectly. With each workout I cannot look beyond the one I am about to perform. I cannot dwell on past workouts, but focus on everything I am doing at hand. What works best for me is during a set I decide what my pace will be and then every 30 seconds I focus on completing the number of reps I need. For example if I decide I want to perform 10 reps per minute of Long Cycle I need 5 reps every 30 seconds no matter what to finish my set properly. So I think about not getting 10 reps done, but rather just 5. I think about the next 5 after the first are completed. Then the next minute of course starts my 5 and 5 all over again. This goes on until my set finishes.

Every workout is the same way. I must mentally get through each workout and not worry about the next one or past ones. Each workout poses its own challenges that must and always will be overcome. It matters not how I feel or how I don't. I have to get through them all one at a time. One workout at a time. One set at a time. One minute at a time. One rep at a time. This is the only way I will survive and become successful. One rep at a time into the big picture of every workout. Then and only then will my goal eventually become reality.

Workout 120808:
2 Min. LC @ 2 24kg and 6rpm

3 Min. LC @ 2 20kg and 8rpm

6 Min. OAJ @ 24kg and 10rpm

100x JS @ 45#
20 Min. Run