Enjoy The Moment, Not What's Next!

Enjoy The Moment Let's focus on mindset of our fitness journey.

SOME PERSPECTIVE TO CONSIDER All too often we get caught up in the flashiness of what's next, what's next, what's next and don't focus on what's here right now. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, has shaped our society here in America to be the "What's Next" culture.

The problem with that is that because of that we're always looking for what's next and what is bigger and better. What we get away from is contentment of what we just did, accomplished, who we are, and what we just did is shaping us to be.

So mindset is important and focusing on the moment at hand is a very important part of embracing this. It is in living the moments of our lives that we learn to cherish what we have and who we have.

Apply that to our workouts and we have a mindset of fitness enjoyment of the big picture of our lives to be on a journey of improvement for years and years to come rather than simply going after the 5-20lbs we might need to lose.

MIND CONTROL Our mindset within each day should be this: We will get there when we are meant to get there. So relax, breathe, and be patient. Look around and enjoy the moment.

Stop for a second and truly think on this. Can you even do that? Do you have a moment to consider just pausing in your life to relax, breathe, and be patient? What's so important about 'what's next' when what we have right here, right now, is giving us opportunity to enjoy the moment we are in.

Have an awesome rest of your week & enjoy the moment, your moment!! -Bob

R. Garon

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