Eating Has Consequences

I recommend never putting ANYTHING in your mouth and body that you are unaware of its history, farmer not formulater, and its consequences.

Where to go from here with that notion: Read In Defense of Food and other Michael Pollan books, watch Food Inc, FRESH The Movie, Forks Over Knives, Food Matters, countless others, NEVER EVER EVER EVER shop at super markets, go to local farmer's markets (they're so much fun) or local food co-ops and actually talk with the farmers there who are selling THEIR food, don't buy packaged foods that contain anything over 4 or 5 ingredients, eat a plant based diet, and always eat organic- and no it's not more expensive if you are educated on how to shop. Often times you can get great organic plant based foods delivered right to your door without spending a dime extra. It depends on your area.