Don't Eat Before Your Workouts

A lot of people believe they need to have something to eat or drink a big 'ol can of sugarized Monster before a workout for energy. Ultimately you don't need anything prior to exercise, training, or competition- Post absolutely, but rarely to never before  a workout. You'll have a much better workout energy wise, hormonally, and recovery wise by doing so without consuming food.

Your body does NOT NEED food during the day and especially before a workout. It needs hydration. Most people cannot distinguish between being hungry and being thirsty.

If you are getting light headed, dizzy, feeling weak during your workouts I firmly believe you are not eating what your body NEEDS as well as enough of what it NEEDS in the evening as well as post workout.

It is vital for overall recovery to consume a post workout meal or drink a post workout smoothie. Then when it's time to eat your evening meal do so with the balance of the right foods that will provide you energy for the following day. When we eat at night we don't really eat for the day we are in, but moreover the next day.

Additionally when I've taught and attended my training classes, fitness workshops, kettlebell workshops, IKFF certifications workshops (that are from 9am-6pm) I am very, very active in these workshops in that I perform many various exercises, workouts, and multiple long timed sets of kettlebell movements such as 10 minute Long Cycle (clean and jerk) or 8+ minute Snatch sets without ever eating until the evening. Based upon experience I have to disagree that eating prior to exercise is not actually needed

The KEY is water. What I am stating is the daytime food intake is just not NEEDED. If you feel weak or low on energy, as long as you have acclimated yourself to Intermediate Fasting, your body actually requires more water. Just to give you an idea: I drink, on average, about a gallon and a half every day no matter what. When I am in my workshops I drink an extra gallon. I am very, very energized and actually find that the participants are the ones snacking in between sets on protein shakes, bars, apples, bananas, etc. as well as eating lunch and they are feeling sluggish and experience decreased performance. They eat like that because they believe they need it due to the high calorie burnage and muscle work. Again- I do not have a crumb of anything during the day until my evening meal. The ONLY exception is during my personal workouts. Because I go very, very hard I have a good post workout recovery smoothie within 30 minutes afterward.

My smoothie usually consists of a 2 cups of water, a handful of spinach or kale, 3 strawberries or some mango, 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut or macademia oil, and some raw walnuts. Blend everything and enjoy down the hatch. This is an extremely powerful post workout recovery smoothie.

Important Key Points To Remember When iFasting

Now keep in mind that you will not be eating just one of the same 300-500 calorie meals in the evening. If you did this you will very quickly weaken and not experience all the benefits of iFasting. Many people believe that they need to reduce calories when beginning iFasting. Actually don't reduce your calories at all. Personally my calories actually went up when I first began I.F. 3 years ago. You simply consume them at the end of the day while drinking 3/4 of your bodyweight in ounce of water during the day. Remember H2O is the key. If done properly you will usually take only 1-2 weeks to fully acclimate.

In order to experience the full benefits of leanness, mental clarity, fast recovery from your workouts, enhanced immunity even if you encounter sick people, and an overall healthy body with all day energy that you seriously won't know what to do with I STRONGLY recommend practicing a solid Intermediate iFasting Protocol. If you are not informed or confident about how to follow this please ask and I will help support you in your lifestyle transition. Once you acclimate to I.F. (iFast) you will never understand how you used to do it any other way.

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!