Do You Twitter?

Technology has grown to allow us to keep in constant contact with each other at any given moment.  I have MySpaced for years; although have grown real bored with that and only go on about once a month if that. I have FaceBooked for some time now and absolutely love it and am admittingly addicted to it.  I want to be the top "Poker".  You have to be on FaceBook to know what that means. :)

Today I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.  It's like a Reader's Digest or Cliff-Notes version of people's blogs, Myspace, Facebook, emails, and texts scaled down into 140 word max profile updates.  As Twitter says:  "Real life happens between the emails, texts, and blog posts." So now we can know what is going on with our contacts, friends, and loved ones during those times- during real life. :) 

You can even sync your Twitter with Facebook so that every time you update your status on Twitter it does it on Facebook as well. Know exactly what is going on in the life of your friends whenever you want to.  I do all of this right from my phone.  If you want to know more here is a neat video about exactly what Twitter is and then after you watch it go sign up for free at  My Twitter username is: bobgaron


R. Garon

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