Deuces Wild & Summer Lent

"Deuces Wild" is standing for each Kettlebell Fat Blaster during the month of June we'll be having 2's or pairs of something in some way or another. I love training in a simplistic manner and this is going to be an awesome month leading into summer!

Here's our new 30 Day Challenge called "Summer Lent". Essentially, just like Lent, they will be challenged to give up one thing- be it a sweet, a salty food, meat, dairy, all grains, etc- for the entire month of June Lent is a great, great concept and I've always liked it. Give up something that's holding you back during our 30 Day Challenge.

REMEMBER: Whatever you give up, it's gotta sting!! That's a challenge and it's in that hurt that you'll find your results!!