"Defying Gravity" Kettlebell Workout Theme

image Join us Monday because we're launching a brand new theme focused on power cardio.

It’s YOUR time to TRUST your instincts, close your eyes and take that LEAP, it’s time to be "DEFYING GRAVITY”!

We’re not going to let ANYTHING hold us down everyone deserves the chance to fly and reach for their goals. These next few weeks are all about pushing the limits and defying gravity! When you come to Synergy Kettlebell your feet will barely have time to rest on the ground, we’re going to be doing high intensity workouts with plyometrics that will make you feel as if you really could fly and nothing can hold you down!


Plyometrics also known as “jump training”, can be one of the most killer full-body workouts you’ll ever experience. Plyo training is focused on increasing muscle power and explosiveness. These high intensity jumping exercises are great ways to strengthen our leg muscles and increase our cardio endurance!

With the combination of plyometric exercises and Synergy Kettlebell’s motivating atmosphere, gravity can and will be defied by us! That's powerful!