Continuing Nothin Fancy- Always Working Hard!

That's what my kettlebell practice entails.

Workout 120108:

8 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 5rpm
4 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 12rpm
4 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 12rpm
4 Min. OAJ @ 24kg and 12rpm

100x JS @ 45#
15 Min. Run @ 1% incline and 6.5mph w/ the last 2.5 min. @ 7mph

Workout 120208:

3 Min. LC @ 2x 20kg and 5rpm
The doubles still make me very nervous on my lower spine. I can feel it getting stronger, but just prefer not to injure it since I am progressing so well. Last time I injured it I feeling great for quite a while and then suddenly POP it went again. That set me out for about a month. I was only able to do cardio and small bodyweight things. I don't want to be there again and have a set back anymore so I baby it- to an extent. Trust me I don't go easy, but I am fully aware of my spine condition at all times. If something doesn't feel right in it I immediately slow down or stop if need be. There is a fine line between pushing through and pushing beyond where I shouldn't go. One time of doing that could be a long time of recovery.

So with all that said I will be throwing in the double bells whenever I feel I can and should. For the most part over the next few months I will be sticking to singles for a couple main reasons. First is to get comfortable in my rack position with the flexibility and right positioning. Next is so that I build up my strength in all aspects, but the back mostly. I need to condition that so that it can endure two bells whenever I fully migrate to training with them on a regular basis. Singles are very good though and always pose their own challenge even without adding a twin to the mix.

4 Min. OALC @ 16kg and 14rpm
This was a mistake as the 16kg is almost too light for me now. I actually have to really think about maintaining perfect form. The heavier bells pretty much fall into place, but the lighter ones need to be put there. I just wanted to go lighter and faster today as almost a recovery set without expending too much energy.

4 Min. Rack Holds @ 20kg
I did this so that I work on getting more comfortable in the rack. One can never be too comfy there. After all that's the only "rest" we get during a set. Surviving the set is what it's all about and the rack is the epitome of that. Practice is essential.

6 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 12rpm

30 Min. Run

And that’s a wrap!