Conquering the Meal Plan

Woman-pulling-hair-out-620x426 This is me... Ok... It's not really me.  But it used to be me (sort of) every day when I would think about what's for dinner.  To try to come up with something different or new... So exhausting and so frustrating.  Well, I am conquering a self-discipline mountain right now in my world... MEAL PLANNING.  Oh, I've read countless supermoms' various touts about meal planning, budgeting to the penny, and their freezer cooking, but the idea simply seemed tedious and restrictive to me.  Do you feel that way?  Really... who has time to find new recipes that fit into our fitness goals?

Well, what I have discovered over the last 2 weeks (yes I'm still a baby at this) is the freedom of flavors that is suddenly opened up.  I go into the store with my list, and while I stray a little, I am no longer standing in the aisles at my local supermarket, frantically searching on my phone for a recipe for the night, only to end up with "healthy" processed foods, or the same boring salads... "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail..." Plan and simple.

So, I thought I would share with you our meal plan for this week!  I would also like to note that we start off each meal with either a Green Smoothie or a salad.  This is very important for your digestive system to have all the right enzymes to properly digest your foods!

Today we enjoyed a delicious Mushroom and Bean Soup.  I added some spinach with this, and we served it with our leftover Bean Burgers from last night.

Tuesday: Salads with Chebe biscuits (we don't use the cheese)

Wednesday: We are going out because of a concert we are going to... (did someone say Journey???)  Even though we are going out, we do not take this as a license to go crazy.  We stay within our guidelines, because of the fitness goals we are going after.

Thursday: I will be trying a new recipe, a vegan "Meat"loaf... I'm pretty excited to try it!

Friday: Taco salad night.  I cook up some onions, mushrooms, and peppers with taco seasoning, then serve with a salad, salsa, beans, and black olives.Apple Cinnamon Grain-Free Muffins

Saturday: I found a Quinoa/Amaranth pasta at Costco, we we will be giving that a try with a large serving of collard greens.  Even though this is a better version, we still reserve this for a "cheat" day.

Sunday:  I like to reserve a day as a "fridge" clean out kind of day.  I'll be pulling from whatever I have in there to make dinner.

For "dessert", I found this great Apple Cinnamon Flax Muffin recipe.  Everyone in our place loves them!