Christina & Gina- Team Jiiina Power!!

  Synergy Kettlebell InstructorsI just want to highlight a couple of ladies who I really feel deserve recognition for their hard work. Christina Totten & Gina Schowalter have impressed me so much. Gina told me today that she's dropped a total of 60lbs since starting at Synergy and that she's now in a size that she never thought possible. Christina told me the other day that she's down 50lbs recently and that she's now at a weight that she only dreamed about.

Christina, Kettlebell Instructor

This didn't happen by accident. Both these ladies have worked super hard from the very first day they both, together, ever stepped foot in my gym. If you watch any of the Kettlebell workout videos I have on Youtube you will see at least one or both of them waiting patiently in the background ready to get their fat blaster on! They have each come at least 3, but mostly 4, days a weeks without wavering one bit. I applaud you both Christina and Gina!! Before she was an instructor, Christina actually opted not to pay her cable bill one month so she had enough money to pay her Synergy dues. Now that's commitment!!Gina, Kettlebell InstructorThey have such big hearts and such an amazing attitude on life for helping others. Theyloved their results and our Synergy Kettlebell Training program so much that each decided they wanted to become a certified Synergy Kettlebell Instructor to give back to everyone they can. That's the awesome part! They found something so great that literally changed their lives and they don't want to keep it to themselves.

Thank YOU Gina and Christina for your hard work, your loyalty to me & Synergy, to your commitment to being the best that you can be no matter what, for being determined to help others change as you have changed, and for your friendship. You are both treasures and I hope our relationship continues forever.

When you see these ladies around give them each a BIG Double High Five!!!


Christina Totten, Synergy kettlebell instructor

R. Garon

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