Cheryl Defies Age As A Limitation

Cheryl_Bast"When I tell people my age I am doing Kettlebell they usually say “Oh I couldn’t do that”, BUT they are wrong! I am going to be 59 next month (ugh I gave away my age) and I tell them YES they can! Not only can they do it, but it will make them feel better. Synergy Kettlebell is for all ages. All the exercises can be tailored to fit anyone’s abilities and/or limitations.

The coaches in their St. Charles location (where I go) are amazing. I have to limit the amount of weight I can lift especially for certain over-head exercises and no one ever makes me feel bad or less of an achiever because of it. Their coaches are encouraging, helpful and enjoyable. They always greet people by their name and with a smile. It makes you feel like family even if you aren’t one of the regulars. I am going to do my best to come at least 3 times a week!!" -Cheryl B.