Change Is NOT Always Good

There is ONLY one kind of human and that is homo-sapien.  They all move the same way or should.  If not then a problem needs to be addressed.  Whatever the tool used be it a kettlebell, dumbbell, med ball, stone, sandbag, tire, whatever it can produce great results if the movements are gone after as the primary focus. 

When your main focus while you workout is burning calories your exercising has become less about improving movement and more about covering up poor eating habits.

Get off the bench and elliptical machine.  Connect the core.  Train movements.  Not body parts.

In life we don't do something once.  We do it over and over and over again.  In boxing, for example, indeed the boxer does punch numerous times with very, very slight changes to their strike, but ultimately a punch is a punch.  In football the quarter back throws the same.  In tennis the backhand is always the same.  In soccer the kick is the same.  Average Joe gym-goer performs bench press the same, squats the same, preacher curl the same, jogs the same.  All these sports have very, very slight changes made, but in theory under the same action being performed. 

In Kettlebell training a swing is a swing and a jerk is a jerk.  Every rep they may look similar(which is actually one of the goals), but just as the boxer- and all the others- makes slight changes so does the body of a kettlebell lifter.  The ultimate goal is to actually do it the exact same way each time.  That way there's efficiency in the motion of the movement.  The same is true for all others as well.

Bikram Yoga, which is the original and best hot yoga, practices the exact same 26 postures in every 90 minute class all over the world every single day.  Each participant practices at their own pace and own abilities.  The program never changes because the human body doesn't.  Sure every day the body is a little bit different in that it may be more stiff, sore, achy, or even more relaxed, but essentially movement is movement and practicing to get better at it is all it's about.  It doesn't matter if you can produce 1%, 100%, or somewhere in between of what the movement is.  As long as it is your absolute best, and what you're body can handle, you will benefit.  It's all about the practice.

Girevoy Sport style training focuses on strength endurance.  The protocol does not change much at all when focusing on the 3 main lifts.  Sure you perform many supporting lifts, but in the end the kettlebell practice is very streamlined and basic.  It is the basics that we practice which really make the difference.  If you watch any professional sport all athletes do not sway very far from the basics.  This is because they work.  It all depends on who is more athletic and driven to who will be crowned the winner.  The difference between the elite and the average is that the elite have mastered the basics.

Applying this to regular training, the winner can be you every time in experiencing what your desired results are based upon your goals.

People try to change things to much and too often.  Just when the body begins to experience great results they go and change it up.  Plateaus don't come because someone doesn't change up their routine enough.  They come because they change it too often.  In life we live by routines.  We wake up in the morning and go through the same rituals every morning- same with how we go to bed.  If we deviate from these routines we feel it and notice it right away.  It doesn't feel the same.  Complications arise and that is never good.  Relate that to exercise and the same thing happens.

Over-change and over-analyzing usually leads to over-complicating.  Sticking to the basics and practicing them over and over will always produce optimal results. It's really is that simple.