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Bob & Lisa, Synergy Kettlebell Owners, Practice What They Preach

Hi! My name is Bob Garon and I'm the owner of Synergy Kettlebell Training and I used to be a completely different person. When I developed my Synergy Kettlebell Fat Blaster Method, I progressively dropped 48lbs, have got so much stronger more than any other workout program has ever made me, and even better is that I seriously feel amazing every day with much higher energy too. Because my passion is to help people, I just couldn't keep this to myself and decided to give it to as many others as I could.

My wife was actually the very first one who I helped.  Check out her before & after pic below...

Lisa Garon

One day Lisa decided enough was enough and came to me for help. Now today, together, we support each other 100% on our journey of living healthy. We are also raising our son, Brayden, to do the same. The greatest part of it all is that through our example and leadership we get to share our program with people like you every day. That is so awesome!

...And remember, the best part was, with my Synergy Kettlebell Program something awesome happened, others started seeing some pretty impressive results too...

Kim Loves Our Coaches & How We Motivate Her

Kimberly ElamAll the coaches at Aurora Synergy Kettlebell are awesome. They were amazingly helpful, supportive, and fun! It made me want to come back each day and unlike other places I have worked out, there hasn't been a day that's the same yet! During the dark and cold months (bizarre decision on my part) I have been doing 6AM classes with Sara and she is SO awesome. Sara always pushes me when I need it which I appreciate immensely and never lets me forget to take advantage of the time I am there and use it to get better! All three of those ladies are also great with modifiers if needed and they do a great job of keeping an eye on everyone in class to make sure we know what we are doing and of course proper form. Thank you for all that you do! -Kimberly E.

Amy Never Worked Out Before, But Now Loves It!!

Amy McTeague 1I have been with Synergy Kettlebell for over 2 years now. I walked in the door as someone who hadn't worked out in years and wasn't sure what to think. I was a bit overwhelmed my first day, but decided to come back after everyone was so welcoming. I instantly became hooked. I lost 26 lbs and 31 inches within 5 months of starting. When I started I was unable to run one length of the parking lot, and I am proud to say that I have completed numerous runs and races which recently included the Spartan Race, and Tough Mudder. I would have never guess I had the ability to do this if you asked me a few years ago. -Amy M.

I am VERY happy with the way my body looks!

Sara Holden I took a look at myself in the mirror and thought, for maybe the first time in my life, I am actually very happy with the way my body looks and how fit I am now. I want to sincerely thank Bob Garon, Lisa Garon and their incredible team of instructors, especially for motivating and challenging me in every workout.

I'd also like to thank all the people I have train with who offer their encouragement and friendship. I know I did the work and I do give it all I have, but all of you have helped me so much. I can't thank you enough. I do sing the praises of Synergy Kettlebell to everyone who will listen because that's what got me here.

A special thanks regarding the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition meal plan & all the nutritional information you share all the time. Earlier this year I had just started a series of tests to figure out why I was having so many stomach issues. They were serious enough that I was home in bed 3-4 days a week in pain.

I started the 14 Day Fat Blast meal plans simply to lose weight, but as the time went by I realized that my stomach issues had really gotten better, enough that I don't end up curled up in bed at all anymore. The diagnosis is now in and I have Crohn's disease. Yay right! Although I still have some small issues that I can live with, following your advice and eating plans have helped me so much.

I've lost weight for sure and I feel so much better. I know Crohn's is now my life as there is no cure, but at least I have the tools I need to help me manage it. Joining Synergy Kettlebell Training has really had a huge affect on my life. I'm so happy!! Thanks!

Kate Loves Our Kettlebell Core Training

Kate Moss

Kettlebell! It's totally amazing...

Never boring, always different - only takes about 25 minutes to feel it! Intense, CORE training — which is everything — to be perfectly honest, you feel like you wanna die for about 10 minutes of it - but then you feel AWESOME! You burn a TON of calories, build strength, and you keep going back. -Kate M.

Charlie Dropped Over 90lbs


Charlie has successfully dropped 90lbs so far with us by following our Synergy Nutrition programand he also is very consistent by attending our Kettlebell classes 3-4 times a week.

"It's hard to believe a year has gone by since I went to my first kettlebell class. I've accomplished so much. Dropped weight from 272 to 183 and my body fat from 42% down to 19.9%.

I completed my first Spartan race and will be running another in less than 3 weeks. I've made many new friends and am just so much happier with my life now that I'm healthier and more fit. So much of this change could not have been done without my new love, Synergy Kettlebell.

To all the trainers, especially Heather and Christina, thank you so much for being so encouraging and pushing me to do my best each day. I look forward to what great things this next year will bring.

Thank you Bob Garon and Synergy Kettlebell, you have been such a huge part in my lifestyle change. And to anyone looking for a great way to improve their fitness level, come and try a class, stay for a month and I'm sure you too will be happy with the results." -Charlie P.