Weekend Warrior Workout

Try this one at home.    

Warm up first for about 5 minutes and after cool down for at least 5 minutes. 

Do as many rounds as you possibly can in 20 minutes of the following:   8x Pushups 12x Shin Grab Crunches 12x Reverse Lunges- R/L 24x Jumping Jacks 48x Flutter Kicks   Then afterwords run, jump rope, or do any type of cardio machine for 12 minutes.  

Exercise Better at Synergy Kettlebell. 

Begin with our 15 Day Jump Start. 

Benefits Of Our "No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution" Workouts

January was our month focused on "Power" and it gives way to a month next focused on "Strength". During January how have you seen your body change from just 30 days ago. How else can you change yourself in the next 7 days? My REVO 2015

During our "No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution" theme we did some longer timed sets mixed in with our shorter power sets.


BENEFIT #1: People run, bike, and swim for 30, 60, 90 min during a workout or race event. Kettlebell snatch, jerk, and/or long cycle is a cyclical sport just like those 3. We keep it to 10 min max, except for our special events (1 Hour Long Cycle charity events) in classes. This provides muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance like no other weight resistance method can ever provide.

BENEFIT #2: Whether it's a 5k or during a marathon people are doing the same thing over and over again until they are finished. They run the whole time and in doing so they learn how to become more efficient in their gait. Same is true for repeated Kettlebell movement. Each rep teaches you how to become more efficient even if you are not directly cognizant of that.

OUR SYNERGY TRAINING PROGRAM OVERVIEW We divide our annual training program into 4 mesocycles (3 month phases). Each of these cycles is programmed with a specific training adaption in mind taking into account the different muscle fiber types and energy systems we have in our bodies. Each macro-cycle is approximately 4 weeks in length, although there is some variation based on the holiday/school calendar for your convenience

Power [shorter sets, 5-10 reps], Strength [moderate sets, 10-20 reps], Conditioning [longer sets, 30+ reps], etc.

Each training session has a very specific purpose in the program as well. During some mesocycles (phases) each training session in the microcycle (week) will incorporate the same exercise-to-work ratio. This is a more traditional approach to interval training. Other times, the training sessions will incorporate different exercise-to-work ratios. This is known as undulating interval training. Both methods are beneficial and have their place in an overall training program.



Here is an example of a couple of the workouts we did in January:

Your Fat Blaster: 7 Rounds, 45 sec each movement Dead Man Burpees 15 sec rest Double Alternating Cleans (video linked at 4:05, beginners can definitely give this a shot, but if the movement isn't grasped right away use one bell & switch half way) 15 sec rest

Finisher: 10 min, 10 sec in hang position, 10 sec in rack, 10 sec in lockout, go back n forth like that for M10.

Double Long Cycle with static holds: Hang, Rack, & Lockout Holds (Watch video demo entirely to see the pace. NOTE: A light bell cannot be used during this drill because the effect will be way to easy. While the hang & rack positions might feel easier A "PROPER BELL" NEEDS to be a bell that is VERY challenging to keep overhead. MEN: definitely use doubles. Beginners may use lighter "baby bells" or even single bells and switch at the halfway mark, once you start with doubles you must stay committed to them for the whole set, GO WITH A MANAGEABLE WEIGHT ENOUGH TO CHALLENGE & stay committed to those bells)

Comfort Zone Breakout Blaster: 3 Rounds 1 min Wall Sit 1 min Plank Hold


Your Fat Blaster: 6 Rounds, 45 sec each movement Capoeira Lunge (start in horse stance, always return to the horse stance too and retain perfect upright posture- VERY IMPORTANT, lunge back with right leg and right arm comes forward across body, return to horse stance, left leg goes back and left arm comes across body, MAKE SURE the back knee always drops down because most people forget that part and keep their leg straight) 15 sec rest Heavy One Arm Bent Over Row (step forward w/ opposite leg into a staggered stance, working side leg is back, place non-working arm on forward leg, row bell up so elbow is high and bell touches lower ribs, keep arm/elbow close to body throughout the whole movement, SWITCH HANDS EACH ROUND) 15 sec rest

Metabolic Blaster: 5 Rounds, 1 min on/ 1 min off Double Long Cycle SPRINT (THE RIGHT BELL MEANS that you perform 11-13 reps every working minute, If you are performing 14 or more than you need heavier bells, if you are performing 10 or fewer then you have too heavy, beginners use 1 bell & switch every round, remember “sprint” simply means to go as fast as you are able to go WITH PERFECT TECHNIQUE)

Comfort Zone Breakout Blaster: 3 Rounds 1 min Jungle Gym Rows 1 min Prisoner Squats or Prisoner Jump Squats




We're personal training in a group environment. Come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL.



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"Turkeybell" Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

image Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it means we can now legally eat pumpkin pie. YES!!

Before I can do that, though, I first have to earn it!

This week at Synergy Kettlebell we're launching a series of specifically designed Turkey Day themed workouts. We're going to kick butt before we relax on Thanksgiving, stuff our bellies, and EARN THAT PUMPKIN PIE!!! Join me!


Here's a sample similar to one of the workouts we will be doing in Turkeybell.

But first here is our warmup & cooldown series because it is ALWAYS important to do both surrounding a workout. You will get a much, much richer training experience because your body will be less prone to injury as well as become more loose and flexible rather than hard and tight.  

Warmup:” This prepares you for today’s workout!”

Synergy Dynamics mobility drills standing series

Then: Weighted Movement Drills 50x High Knees 25x Bodyweight Squats 15x Jungle Gym Rows 10x Quick Style Burpees (no overhead clap or jump) 15x Reverse Lunges- R/L 50x Hand To Hand Swings (do NOT go heavy and focus on letting the body adjust to lifting the weight)

Cool Down: “This prepares you for your next workout!”

Synergy dynamic floor sequence and foam roll

Your “I’m Not Gonna Feel Guilty On Turkey Day” Blaster: 8 Rounds, 30 sec work/ 30 sec rest btwn rds

Prisoner Alternating Reverse Lunges

Jungle Gym Pushups (the more vertical you are the easier, the more horizontal you are the more challenging it will be)

Heavy Dead Cleans- R/L (use the technique that is demoed stating at 0:20, start from the floor w/ bell right dead center btwn feet, clean right, return to floor, clean left, & keep repeating & return the bell to the floor so it makes a dead stop of momentum each rep)

Phoenix Crunches

Finisher: Choose your own adventure





We're personal training in a group environment. Come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL. image

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Jenni Schrader Before & After

"Personal Best" Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

Personal Best kettlebell workout theme 2014 We're excited because Monday we launch a brand new theme we're calling "Personal Best".

Theme Perspective Points The best way to track our own progress is to take note of our best times and best rep count and make a goal to beat those numbers the next time around. The goal is to do even better the next time and we naturally will be stronger after that workout by having the motivation to beat our OWN records.

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

The only person you’re competing with is yourself. It is all about finding your PERSONAL BEST. Shoot for as many reps as you can and fight for a little more!

Beat your own PERSONAL BEST records everyday you come into Synergy the next few weeks. Set your goals high and strive to push past them each and every day.

The gym is not a place for judgement, or caring what everyone else around you is doing. The gym is your “happy” time, and it’s your job to make the most out of your time here.

Here's a sample workout similar to what we're going to experience in "Personal Best".

Synergy Kettlebell Aurora gym

Warmup:” This prepares you for today’s workout!”

Synergy Dynamics mobility drills standing series

Then: Weighted Movement Drills 50x Mountain Climbers 40x Rope Waves 30x Jumping Lunges or Reverse Lunges 5x Agility Ladder up and down sequence (any type)

You’re In Charge Blaster #1: M8 AMRAP (Your goal is to reach your personal best and next week increase your as many rounds as possible!) 8x Double Half Snatch 8x Burpee Pullups (get chin above hands & mod to Jungle Gym Row if needed)

Personal Challenge: 10 Min (Switch arms every minute. Your goal next week is to go heavier OR faster and increase reps/minute! YOU CAN DO IT!!) One Arm Long Cycle

You’re In Charge Blaster #2: 8 Min AMRAP (Your goal is to reach your personal best and next week increase your as many rounds as possible!) 8x Renegade Rows (1R + 1L = 1 Rep, keep hips low & back straight) 8x V-Situps

Cool Down: “This prepares you for your next workout!” Synergy dynamic floor sequence and foam roll


Give it a shot or come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL.

Kettlebell Workout Theme: Tabata Blasters

Join us at Synergy Kettlebell Training for our brand new theme called: Tabata Blasters!

HISTORY The "Tabata Protocol" was created by Izumi Tabata. His direct purpose was to find the best method to increase VO2 Max which directly increases cardio conditioning better than most any other method.

"The rate of increase in V02 Max is one of the highest ever reported." - Izumi Tabata, Japan

BACKGROUND AS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING Fat burn is definitely greater when the exercise intensity is high. The Tabata Protocol typically calls for only 8 minutes, give or take, of a given circuit that will ignite your body into a super powered fat-burning machine.

When you are exercising and create an environment where you deplete your body of oxygen your body burns off all of the blood sugar (glycogen) that it has stored up in the muscles and so it needs to then replace all of that energy with some type of fuel. What happens is that it begins to burn fat. So in reality, your goal should not be to try and burn fat WHILE you are exercising; however your goal should be to work so hard that your body burns off all sugars to be used as fuel and fat becomes the energy source.

Your body has two main energy systems, so to speak, and they are Aerobic (with the use/need of oxygen) and Anaerobic (without the use/need of oxygen).

The Aerobic system uses oxygen to burn fuel while the Anaerobic system does not. One system does not replace the other and what happens is your body begins by burning fuel with your Aerobic energy system. Once you use up all the oxygen in your system to provide Aerobic energy to your muscles, your Anaerobic system engages.

In order to make that happen you need to get your heart rate up past your "Target Heart Rate" . To find your Max Heart rate use this formula: 220 - Your Age = Your Target Heart Rate.

VERY IMPORTANT THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN TABATA TRAINING 1) The goal of Tabata Protocols are not to build peak power.

2) We're trying to build conditioning and lose fat.

3) The weight loads used in the complexes are not to be to heavy, unless specifically stated, in order to achieve the goal. As long as you don't lose optimal spinal alignment, practice good technique, and maintain good rhythm, you're fine.

4) It is VERY important to continue moving and exercising for the entire duration of the 20 seconds working interval, in order to achieve the full anaerobic response, and not stop a couple seconds before the end just because you are feeling tired or know the end is nearing. Finish what you started and complete each interval in full. I don't ever see anyone cheating the rest intervals by starting the working interval a couple seconds early. So treat the working interval the same.

5) Be Ready: As soon as it's time to start, start, and then continue working for the full duration. Then you can have your full rest interval, but be ready to start as soon as it's time. Don't allow precious seconds to tick into the working interval while you get prepared to start. Get prepared to start the last couple seconds of the rest interval.

THEME TALKING POINTS The Tabata interval protocol is a super high intensity interval training protocol originally created by Japanese researcher Dr. Izumi Tabata.

Each Tabata interval consists of 20 seconds of high intensity (as hard as you can go) exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This typically is repeated for 8 or more rounds for a short and very effective workout experience.

Tabata training is great because it delivers big results in little time. The Tabata method may be easy to understand and apply, but take heed, it’s NOT easy to do if you have the right relative weights to use and go all out as hard as you literally can muster to go. That being said, progression (mod) or no progression, in order to use the Tabata method successfully, you must be willing to work at your absolute hardest!

Ask Bob Anything question 2

QUESTION 2: Bob, what type of cardio should I do outside my resistance training workouts for best results?

Here is the next installment in the brand new series on my blog called: "Ask Bob Anything".  Comment on my blog or send me a message on Facebook with your fitness or nutrition questions and I will answer them for you.

It's not too late and it doesn't matter what your question is! Post a comment with your questions and I will answer them for you in my video series.

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Big Tire Workout: Partner Tire Push at Synergy Kettlebell Training

Using odd objects, such as big tractor tires, are a great way to get fit and strong while enjoying the workout because it's not endless hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine. If you want to get fit and strong you've got to do things that are going to give you resistance without helping you stabilize like the machines in the big box gyms do. If you want to be your best you have got to train at your best ability!