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Click here for my newest & super detailed videos on how to make your Kettlebell Clean more efficient by following these simple secrets that not everyone knows who practices and trains with Kettlebells

Proper Mountain Climbers Technique & Progressions

I'm sure you've done them a hundred times before, but we are always able to improve upon ourselves. When we do, we become better, stronger, and build more confidence in our abilities. I personally love Mountain Climbers because they are so great for a shoulders, core, & cardio workout all wrapped into one and it's a bodyweight exercise that you can do anywhere. Give them a shot and modify where needed.

If you start at the beginner level keep progressing, even if it's for a couple reps before returning to your previous mod for the rest, each workout that you have Mountain Climbers in it. You will get stronger the more you try to push yourself farther than you went yesterday.

Synergy Kettlebell Training Highlights 2011 Video

I put this video together to highlight our members and our memories in 2011 at Synergy Kettlebell Training. Without you, and God's blessings, it would not be possible. I very much appreciate you and your commitment this year. Keep it ongoing no matter what and let's make a difference in someone else's life by telling your story.

Thank you so much everyone for an awesome 2011 and here's to the most stellarific 2012!!!

December 2011 Synergy Kettlebell Announcements

EVERYONE: Watch this video and check out the 3 things we're doing in December... well okay 4 considering my bonus at the end, but I ran out of paper (watch the vid and you'll understand). Ha ha!

Shifting Mentally Toward Success

This is one of the greatest concepts we can consider. In reality, so many of us believe that we will simply one day arrive to a successful state, but truth be told it isn't something we ever stumble upon.

Success is something we must literally fight every day for with blood, tears, and sweat until one day it is reached. That may even mean that we cross the finish crawling on our bruised hands and knees lunging fingertips over the line. Before the destination there must be a belief .

Once you believe you are capable, and you definitely should because you are, then you will. 

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