Patience With Our Progress

Patience With Your Progress Being patient, or having patience, with our progress can be a challenge for a lot of us, but the reality is that this is something that we need to allow for ourselves.

During this process it is important to enjoy each moment of our journey and realize that for the best results to be experienced we must keep in mind that we are in this for the long haul. We are in this for life.

We are doing this to better our life and in each moment we can enjoy our progress. We might have setbacks and failures, who doesn't, but through it all this is our journey and we must own ever step.

Moving forward still, even with any setbacks and failures is what gives us more character to appreciate our journey even more. If nothing else, we will have some pretty awesome stories to tell!

It's Harder For Women To Gain Muscle With Kettlebells


Lift Kettlebells

Although you might gain a little muscle over the first few months of any progressive resistance training program, however especially if you are a woman, you will plateau with gains and it will be very difficult to continue putting on more. Your body will balance at a point and UNLESS you are eating to gain, you won't gain.

Scientifically there is no need to worry about growing and growing and getting bigger and bigger muscles. This is due to lower testosterone and higher estrogen.

The reality of that is rather difficult to do, especially as a woman. Again, when someone does not train for a long time, or has never trained in their life, and then begins a progressive resistance training program an increase in lean muscle tissue is going to happen and is very common. Ultimately this is a very good thing because with increased muscle comes a higher metabolism, increased strength, and increased overall energy... all good things!

Our workouts at Synergy Kettlebell Training are balanced with the big picture of the week. Some have a more upper body focus while others have lower and others still have core or cardio.

Our workouts are also designed for Strength Endurance being our primary big picture goal. We do this in 3 phases over a 3 month training cycle. Ex. Month one's focus is Power [shorter sets, 5-10 reps], month two's focus is Strength [moderate sets, 10-20 reps], and month three we focus on Conditioning [longer sets, 30+ reps], etc.

Depends on the day, but if someone comes at least 3 times a week they will experience a variety of focuses and every 2 weeks we change up our workout theme so that the training cycle continues progressing each trainee in a way where the body adapts positively, but does not ever plateau. It's also a much more fun workout and entertaining training experience that way too!

Benefits Of Our "No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution" Workouts

January was our month focused on "Power" and it gives way to a month next focused on "Strength". During January how have you seen your body change from just 30 days ago. How else can you change yourself in the next 7 days? My REVO 2015

During our "No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution" theme we did some longer timed sets mixed in with our shorter power sets.


BENEFIT #1: People run, bike, and swim for 30, 60, 90 min during a workout or race event. Kettlebell snatch, jerk, and/or long cycle is a cyclical sport just like those 3. We keep it to 10 min max, except for our special events (1 Hour Long Cycle charity events) in classes. This provides muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance like no other weight resistance method can ever provide.

BENEFIT #2: Whether it's a 5k or during a marathon people are doing the same thing over and over again until they are finished. They run the whole time and in doing so they learn how to become more efficient in their gait. Same is true for repeated Kettlebell movement. Each rep teaches you how to become more efficient even if you are not directly cognizant of that.

OUR SYNERGY TRAINING PROGRAM OVERVIEW We divide our annual training program into 4 mesocycles (3 month phases). Each of these cycles is programmed with a specific training adaption in mind taking into account the different muscle fiber types and energy systems we have in our bodies. Each macro-cycle is approximately 4 weeks in length, although there is some variation based on the holiday/school calendar for your convenience

Power [shorter sets, 5-10 reps], Strength [moderate sets, 10-20 reps], Conditioning [longer sets, 30+ reps], etc.

Each training session has a very specific purpose in the program as well. During some mesocycles (phases) each training session in the microcycle (week) will incorporate the same exercise-to-work ratio. This is a more traditional approach to interval training. Other times, the training sessions will incorporate different exercise-to-work ratios. This is known as undulating interval training. Both methods are beneficial and have their place in an overall training program.



Here is an example of a couple of the workouts we did in January:

Your Fat Blaster: 7 Rounds, 45 sec each movement Dead Man Burpees 15 sec rest Double Alternating Cleans (video linked at 4:05, beginners can definitely give this a shot, but if the movement isn't grasped right away use one bell & switch half way) 15 sec rest

Finisher: 10 min, 10 sec in hang position, 10 sec in rack, 10 sec in lockout, go back n forth like that for M10.

Double Long Cycle with static holds: Hang, Rack, & Lockout Holds (Watch video demo entirely to see the pace. NOTE: A light bell cannot be used during this drill because the effect will be way to easy. While the hang & rack positions might feel easier A "PROPER BELL" NEEDS to be a bell that is VERY challenging to keep overhead. MEN: definitely use doubles. Beginners may use lighter "baby bells" or even single bells and switch at the halfway mark, once you start with doubles you must stay committed to them for the whole set, GO WITH A MANAGEABLE WEIGHT ENOUGH TO CHALLENGE & stay committed to those bells)

Comfort Zone Breakout Blaster: 3 Rounds 1 min Wall Sit 1 min Plank Hold


Your Fat Blaster: 6 Rounds, 45 sec each movement Capoeira Lunge (start in horse stance, always return to the horse stance too and retain perfect upright posture- VERY IMPORTANT, lunge back with right leg and right arm comes forward across body, return to horse stance, left leg goes back and left arm comes across body, MAKE SURE the back knee always drops down because most people forget that part and keep their leg straight) 15 sec rest Heavy One Arm Bent Over Row (step forward w/ opposite leg into a staggered stance, working side leg is back, place non-working arm on forward leg, row bell up so elbow is high and bell touches lower ribs, keep arm/elbow close to body throughout the whole movement, SWITCH HANDS EACH ROUND) 15 sec rest

Metabolic Blaster: 5 Rounds, 1 min on/ 1 min off Double Long Cycle SPRINT (THE RIGHT BELL MEANS that you perform 11-13 reps every working minute, If you are performing 14 or more than you need heavier bells, if you are performing 10 or fewer then you have too heavy, beginners use 1 bell & switch every round, remember “sprint” simply means to go as fast as you are able to go WITH PERFECT TECHNIQUE)

Comfort Zone Breakout Blaster: 3 Rounds 1 min Jungle Gym Rows 1 min Prisoner Squats or Prisoner Jump Squats




We're personal training in a group environment. Come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL.





Linn Garon, Synergy Success Story


Linn has had 4 babies in the past 7 years, but that doesn’t stop her!!

Over the years Linn has loved her kettlebell workouts as she comes to keep her body healthy before, during, and most definitely post pregnancy. She works hard in every class and even during her last pregnancy, at 8 months was conditioning just as strong. We monitor to ensure she is safely performing all exercise movements conducive to each trimester stage and make sure she listens to her body as well if it's telling her to slow down. Linn realizes the importance of a healthy body translates over to a healthy pregnancy and a more stable mindset throughout the term.

See more Synergy Kettlebell Success Story pictures and videos. CLICK: OUR RESULTS

Synergy Yoga 30 Day Challenge

lock the kneeEvery day, every week we are making our Kettlebell classes a priority and I want to encourage you to also prioritize your active recovery. Having an active and regular practice of postures focused on flexibility, strength, and muscle relaxation you will experience a greater overall physical and mental (mind & body connection) benefit to your body. My recommendation is to write into your schedule to come to Synergy 5-6 days a week with mixed Kettlebell and Yoga days tossed in there. Currently my personal schedule is like this: I perform 3 Kettlebell strength days a week, 2 running days, and 2-4 yoga days every week. Most of the time I perform my Yoga on my 2 recovery days off a week, which during my current training plan for Nov. & Dec. are Wednesday & Sunday, but also perform Yoga on other days I may feel tight or stiff. It really, really helps!

Partner with me on this and challenge yourself for 30 days in this way! Take my 30 day challenge!

“Sometimes the way to open something up is to create more strain. So it’s not just “letting go” but sometimes it’s the sense of being more energetic. It is a balance between strength, flexibility, endurance, and relaxation. It is more than three things– it’s also mindfulness, the way the breath is flowing, and so forth.” -Rodney Yee, yoga guru

Our classes are designed for all levels (beginner, intermediate, & advanced), but Synergy Yoga certainly isn’t your weak-sauce yoga that’s for sure! You WILL break a sweat and experience physical changes in every class. Join us to increase your fitness on the mat!

Best Post Workout Smoothie For Recovery & Muscle Building

It's always important to have a post workout recovery smoothie or meal, which is a smoothie or meal right after your workout, so that your body can have all the vital nutrients it craves shuttled into our cells right away. Timing is also important for this smoothie or recovery meal. Try to have your smoothie about 30-45 minutes after you've finished your workout for best results. Here's a video I recorded with the smoothie I had today after my workout. It was VERY good and jam packed with antioxidants, protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

3-2-1-GO! Essential Health Components

  There are 3 essential components to overall health & fitness.

-Exercise Daily -Plant Based Nutrition (90%) -Rest & Recover Regularly

No Diet If you neglect any one of these 3 areas your fitness/health will suffer. Do your diet a favor and eliminate/restrict all grains (gluten, whole, or not), eliminate/restrict all caffeine, eliminate/restrict all dairy (raw or pastuerized), eliminate/restrict all nightshade family foods (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, tobacco), eliminate sugar, and eat 90% plant based foods. When you eat meat get 100% natural meats which are from pastured, cage-free, wild caught, non-feedlot and antibiotic free animals.


Sum it up in our simple: 3-2-1-GO!

3 – Eat 90% Plant Strong! Eat Green & Be Lean!

2 – Remove the 4 Little White Devils from your diet and you will experience amazing energy and fat loss. They are white flour (or any grains- yes even whole grains for that matter), all dairy, table salt, and sugar.

1 – Come for regular exercise daily whether it be Kettlebell or Yoga.

GO! – Make this a habit and be proactive. Don't care what people think about you or what you are doing. There will be distractions, challenges, and obstacles, but you can overcome all of them. ONWARD!