Can’t STOP Won’t STOP Kettlebell Workout Theme

cant stop wont stop

Can’t STOP Won’t STOP

Workouts 1-12

Here is our new theme starting on Monday, May 26th. These WODs are polar opposite from what we have been doing so they are a great change up for everyone. Remember the essence of Kettlebell Training is the long set for strength endurance, also mental endurance very much too, so they will always always be an integral part of what we do. Since we enjoy having our workouts also be entertaining it is fun to have things changed up like this.

Theme Perspective Points: We set goals, daily, weekly, and monthly for ourselves, When we arrive at one of our goals, that end point is a starting point for another.

Whatever you are struggling with today, it is just developing into the strength you will need for tomorrow. In order to get what you want you have to go after it and make it happen.

With this theme we don’t stop when it hurts, we stop when we are done with our workout. We have to train the body to get used to high intensity in short fast segments so it can grow in endurance and strength. We won’t stop because we can’t stop.

If we stop then we are not taking our body to it’s full potential and in the end we are only letting ourselves down. Excuses aren't a part of these workouts, when you feel like giving up and quitting just remember why you started in the first place.


Below is the first workout in our series. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Fat Blaster: For 12 Minutes (Perform exercises as quickly as possible and start back at the top of every minute) 3x BurpeesMichelle Bang Kettlebell Wall Sit 3x Snatch to Overhead Squat- R/L (video demos a VERY bad Snatch technique so disregard that and perform Snatch according our Synergy teaching methods by Bob Garon here) 5x  KB Situps 7x  Heels To Heaven

Then: For 12 Minutes (Perform exercises as quickly as possible and start back at the top of every minute) 3x Burpees 3-5x Double Cleans 5-7x Bear Squat w/ Hindu Pushup 7-9x Superman Crunches

Finisher: Choose Your Own Adventure

Synergy Daily Trivia True or False: No pain, No gain? Answer: True if it is a good pain and not pain of injury. Good pain in pushing through mentally for mental growth even if you feel muscle fatigue or lactate acid burning, which leads to physical growth. So learn to discern the good pain.

R. Garon

Robert Garon is a Masters level pastoral counseling student at Liberty University. He and his wife reside in the suburbs of Chicago where they, together, lead a marriage enhancement and discipleship group called Re|engage at their church. Robert also regularly leads short-term mission teams, both internationally and domestically, as well as a weekly men’s community group.

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!