Breathing To Become A More Efficient Kettlebell Lifter

This is Coach Sergey Rudnev, my own coach and Honored Master of Sport in Russia. It may take you 3 or 4 times watching this mini clip to really get it, but if you breath like this you will actually keep your heart rate lower so you can lift longer without the issue of a racing heart. The reason why this occurs is because you will be getting more oxygen into the blood and that alone will assist to keep you more relaxed.



When performing Kettlebell Long Cycle, or any other Kettlebell exercise for Kettlebell sport or fitness, you want to stay as relaxed and efficient as you possibly can. By focusing most all of your thoughts and energy on your breath timing (when to breath exactly in the movement cycle) you will become a much better Kettlebell lifter. That means your results will be much better as well.