Brayden Plays With The 8kg Kettlebell

Kids should start exercising and being active as early as they can.  Think about when you were a kid and when you used to go outside and "play" allllllllllllllllllllll day until your mom yelled down the street that it was getting dark and you needed to come in, but you yelled back begging her to let you stay out for only 10 more minutes.  After she agreed 10 minutes turned into 30 and your dad then had to come down and get you, but you were playing hard and simply lost track of time.  Of course we all know and could relate with that story.

Today kids have their video games and too many TV shows that could occupy them if us parents didn't intervene, make them turn off the TV and the games, and play.  The sort of play I am referring to is physical play.  Too many schools are removing the play time out of the cirriculum.  That's very unforntunate and definitely doesn't have to be.  You could be a voice as well as focus your child's attention on being physically active every single day.  Before TV and before the video games that's what all kids AND adults did.  They were active and they were active on a regular basis.  It's just in recent years that gym time must be supplemented for the normal family and community recreation time.

In our household we play with Kettlebells.  I also take my son Brayden to the nearby park so he can climb and jump and swing.  Speaking of swings here is a video of him performing 8kg Kettlebell Swings.  To him it's fun.  That's exactly how it should be.  I have him focus on the movement of exercise so that his body will always be stronger in each movement rather than simply "lifting weights".  That's not fun, but practicing efficient movement and adding relative weight to them is very much a different game altogether.  One of the main difference between an athlete and a non-athlete is that an athlete moves with extreme efficiency.  The non-athlete still needs to practice moving in the same way as best they can.  In the near future I will be writing more about that.