Bob's WOD 042808

Long Cycle Clean & Jerk (LC&J;)- 3 min. per arm @ 16kg

This was the first time I tried this so I was just getting used to how the form should be right about the end. I really liked it and will be doing more of these.
I never focused on presses in the past as my shoulders have given me problems. I'm gonna be working on building their strength now that I know I could.

3 Rounds-

30s Stork Stance Deadlift

30s Figure 8 to a hold

30s Superplank- begin performing a suicide pushup and then in the up position walk your hands back toward your feet keeping your legs straight, butt in the air, and moving your feet to flat. Walk your hands back down and repeat.

1 min. of Farmer's Walk @ 55# DBs

3 Rounds-
10x Pistols (I'm still practicing this so I have to decend onto a box step. The step is almost all the way down though so it's pretty good.)

*This wasn't a very hard workout at all and if I had more time I would have done more.