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Bob & Lisa, Synergy Kettlebell Owners, Practice What They Preach

Hi! My name is Bob Garon and I'm the owner of Synergy Kettlebell Training and I used to be a completely different person. When I developed my Synergy Kettlebell Fat Blaster Method, I progressively dropped 48lbs, have got so much stronger more than any other workout program has ever made me, and even better is that I seriously feel amazing every day with much higher energy too. Because my passion is to help people, I just couldn't keep this to myself and decided to give it to as many others as I could.

My wife was actually the very first one who I helped.  Check out her before & after pic below...

Lisa Garon

One day Lisa decided enough was enough and came to me for help. Now today, together, we support each other 100% on our journey of living healthy. We are also raising our son, Brayden, to do the same. The greatest part of it all is that through our example and leadership we get to share our program with people like you every day. That is so awesome!

...And remember, the best part was, with my Synergy Kettlebell Program something awesome happened, others started seeing some pretty impressive results too...