Bob Garon's Organic Soups, Beans & Organic "Spice Hunter" Spices Lineup

This is one of the absolute best and most tasteful ways to cook and eat vegetarian very conveniently. It takes about 15 min. to prepare.  I usually choose 2 of the same low sodium soups, add 1 of the Eden beans, and then add in the spices you like. I like garlic and onion to flavor my soups. Always keep it low sodium.

Lastly, if I did not choose one of the Rice & Bean combos, I will need to complete the amino acid chain to make a complete protein between the beans and either a grain or a nut/seed combo. If I am eating on my high fat days I choose only the nuts and eat several handfuls alongside my soup. If it is not a high fat day I crush up Organic Nature's Stoneground Wheats in my soup bowl, line the top of it with organic raw mild cheddar cheese and then pour the hot soup over. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to cool and melt the cheese as well as soften the crackers.
Stir and enjoy! :)