Bob Garon's Liberation Fitness Practice Day: 070809

It's been a bit over 2 years since I last released a full workout video of just me. I have been focused on capturing the hard work and dedication of my clients so the spotlight has been off of me directly.

Today I felt inspired to both motivate you and challenge myself with a really cool workout. I performed this workout having not done anything except a little yoga over the past 4 days due to being a little run down energy wise from a nasal cold. So needless to say I put together a fun comeback workout and boy was it a blast! I was hurtin a bit. LOL

All of these movements can be done at home in your living room, outdoors, garage, backyard, pretty much anywhere. For the pullups you can get a doorway pullup bar, outdoors find a tree branch, or swap out for some kettlebell rows.

I hope you like it and pass it on. :)

Liberation Fitness Practice Day: 070809

My theme for this workout is: "Motivate & Challenge". The details to what I exactly did are within the vid.