Blending The Raw

There has always been a wonder of mine as to the benefit of juicing produce rather than simply eating it. I never juice because I would like to get the fruit/veggie in it’s entirety. I thought that by blending the entire produce together and then drinking it(because it’s faster and easier than wasting time to sit and eat) one would get the entire health benefit such as nutrients AND fiber. My thinking on simply juicing would seem to neglect the fiber portion due to the bulk or pulp being left out. If nature intended us to merely drink the juice then that’s the form it would grow in; however I feel the produce should be eaten or kept(even if blended) in its whole(every aspect of it) state. That’s what my current belief of the concept is.

I eat according to the Warrior Diet Lifestyle and so during the day I “Undereat” to turn on the Sympathetic Nervous System(SNS) and “Overeat” at night to turn on the Parasympathetic Nervous System(PSNS). I have experienced phenomenal results over the past 4 or 5 months since I have switched to this lifestyle permanently because I only want the best.

Generally I meshed the thinking behind the 3 books: In Defense of Food(by Michael Pollan), The Warrior Diet(by Ori Hofmekler), and The Anti-Estrogenic Diet(by Ori Hofmekler). I really love their philosophies and so far feel incredible since eating better. I have never had a weight problem or even health problem as I have always kept myself in superb shape and done my best to always eat well, but this is the best I have ever felt. I only desire to continue this and continue to improve. That is the exact reason why I am posting here. I desire to both share and learn information to help me progress my journey of a healthy lifestyle.

I really enjoy making various smoothies throughout the day because of the simplicity to it. I have no more than my morning and afternoon. This is all I eat during the day as I have my main meal at night which is a balance of everything(different textures, flavors, aromas, colors, tastes, shapes, etc.).

Here are some simple smoothie recipes: Be sure to always have a green in it.






spinach/ banana

sprouts/ banana/ cantaloupe

watermelon/ mint

mango/ kale

coconut (water and its meat)/ banana/ pineapple

strawberry/ orange/ banana/ parsley or baby spinach leaves

apple/ banana/ cilantro

You can always create your own by adding whatever fruit or veggie you wish along with fresh turmeric, fresh parsley, fresh ginger, apples, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries... the options are endless. :)

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!