What Are The Best Kettlebell Exercises?

PhotoGrid_1358133699541 I often get asked what the best exercises are and which Kettlebell exercise is the best. I say to always stick to the basics because the basic always work.

They are swing, snatch, jerk, long cycle clean and jerk, some front (aka rack) squats, TGUs (turkish get up) are good too.

Turkish Getup

Don't forget to include some body weight exercises such as pullup variations, dips, pushup variations, lunges, jumping squats (with or without a KB), and heavy tire flips or deadlifts FOR SURE! These will all engage your core so much more than any abdominal specific exercise ever could.

Each of those movements tie directly into the body's 8 primal movement patterns. So stay focused on the basics because the basics will never steer you wrong.


R. Garon

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