Believe In What You Do and Stick With It!

I believe my hand boo boo is pretty much gonna be good to go come Monday for some Long Cycle- FINALLY!  I like Jerks, but I am really preferring the full package that a good Long Cycle set brings.  I am making great progress so I will apply all that toward more Doubles work.  I am finally able to breathe better in the rack position with 2 bells and can almost, almost, almost get my elbows to a rest position on my hips.  One Arm is not a problem, but the 2 Arm elbow thing is still needing a bit of work.  I don't think it's too far off though.  One workout at a time!

Workout 121308:
5 Min. Jerk @ 2 20kg and 6rpm
Ok this felt just right.  I could have gotten a 6th or 7th minute out of it, but again didn't wanna push it past how my back was feeling.  My strength is definitely there and my survival is very good.  I can rest for real instead of praying that the set finishes.  Soon I'll be at the 10 min. mark with the 20's and can be stabile enough for the 24's on my back past 3 min.

4 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 12rpm
This was almost too easy for me today, but I didn't bring any other size bell with me.  I worked out at the gym today to conserve time.

2 Sets of 50x Jumping Squats
1st set was @ 115lbs
2nd set was @ 135lbs
This felt good too.  Next time I will increase this weight as well and/or perform a 3rd set.

15 Min. Run

It's all about consistency and practice.  If you want to be good at something you must practice it many, many times.  You cannot sway from your time.  If you do your progress will always suffer.  If a boxer wants to be good at boxing he must practice thousands and thousands of punches.  Same holds true for Gireviks.  If you wanna be good at Kettlebell Lifting you have to perform thousands and thousands of the relative lift.  Then and only then will you truly see your progress come. 

There is a saying that the BEST workout program is the one that you're NOT doing.  That essentially means that a lot of folks get swayed by this magazine, that website, buddy, Youtube video, and sorry to say even personal trainers to try this or that workout program.  In the end the basics are what works and mastering them over and over and over again in your daily practice is the ONLY way to succeed in anything and everything you set out to do. 

Don't be swayed by anything.  Stick with your program.  If you need help with that seek out someone who has been where you aspire to be.  Never take advice from anyone who has not. 

Makes sense right?!  Sure does.  Now it's up to you to go out and do it.  Go get what you want!