Beat the Heat Nutritional Challenge

Beat The Heat Nutritional Challenge

Summertime temps are here and we're going to help you “Beat  The Heat” in our Summer Nutritional Challenge!


Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day

By staying well hydrated with plenty of water, your body will naturally regulate its temperature.  Water will help to circulate oxygen to all your cells and allow your body to sweat naturally, without fear of dehydration.

16 oz smoothie per day 4 days per week

Raw foods lower body temperature because it is not working quite as hard to digest the cooked foods.  Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are made more readily available for proper digestion, thus causing the body to work less.  Check out the Members Only page for a listing of smoothie recipes!

1 Plant Based (non-grain or soy) day per week

When digesting heavy animal meats or dairy products the body must work harder, and for longer periods of time, days instead of the comparative hours for digestion of plants.  Your body will more readily absorb the vitamins and minerals, and work less for it.  Check out the Members’ Only page for some delicious vegan recipes!


Write up on the white board each day you accomplish each task.  For every 5 tallies, you get 1 raffle entry.  There will be 4 winners, who will receive a $25 gift card to Fruitful Yield, Amazon, or Sweet Tomatoes!