Basic Calorie Need Formula

Basic Calorie Need Formula

Most folks either over or under-estimate the amount of calories they take in during the course of the day thus causing them either to gain weight or simply just not lose it. For those who are trying to gain muscle mass the same can be true too.
Here an easy formula for the calculation to determine your daily calorie needs:

Step 1: Calories needed to maintain your current weight. (energy burned doing nothing)
Weight in pounds X 11 = Your basic calorie needs.

Step 2: Calories needed to maintain your current weight with activity.
Basic calorie needs X Calorie cost of activity level % (from chart below) = Your metabolic rate

Mostly sedentary <30 old =" 30%" old =" 25%">40 years old = 20%
Moderately active <30 old =" 40%" old =" 35%">40 years old = 30%
Dedicated exerciser or athlete: <30 years =" 50%" years =" 45%">40 years = 40%

Step 3: Calories needed to maintain weight at your current activity level (without gaining or loosing)
Basic calorie needs + Your metabolic rate = Your maintenance total

Step 4: To gain muscle
Your maintenance total + 500- 1,000 = To gain muscle

Step 5: To lose fat
Your maintenance total - 1,000 = To lose fat