Are You Fit for MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a fast growing sport. Gyms are popping up
everywhere, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is getting huge and everyone knows how to put on a "rear naked choke". Some people know of mixed martial arts as cage fighting,
some think it’s human cock fighting, to me it’s my main hobby. If you
ever get the chance to watch any MMA event, you’ll see most fighters
are the in top shape.

MMA is not one dimensional like boxing is, therefore it requires a
dynamic typeset of strength and conditioning. Between the striking and
grappling it demands explosive strength, high levels of muscle
endurance, core strength and flexibility. I have the pleasure
(sarcasm) of trying to address all of these requirements to survive in
the cage because I don’t have a strength and conditioning coach
outside of my MMA gym.

The toughest thing personally was to balance my strength and
conditioning with my technique and sparring. My strength and
conditioning is made up of barbell complexes, bodyweight and light
dumbbell circuits, plyometrics, interval training, and kettlebell
training. Personally I don’t believe in working out like a body
builder, doing bicep curls or having bicep days (this is a mistake I
did). Anytime I am in the gym, I usually try to hit a full body
exercises using exercises that use “real” movement. Any type of
movement that will mimic something I would do in real life or in the
cage. The key phrase is functional training. My typical week involves
6 days of training and at least 4 double sessions. Strength and
conditioning in the morning and fighting technique at night.

Strength, Conditioning, and Technique are not the only important
things to making me a better fighter. I had to make a dramatic change
to my diet. Cleaning up your diet is important if you’re doing any
physical activity because what you eat will affect your performance.
With cleaner eating it’s easier to regulate your weight. When the time
comes to cut weight, I can drop pounds like it’s nothing with the
right kind of eating.

So you have to be strong, but able to go all the rounds and at the
same time have perfect technique. Better technique allows you to work
less just like in kettlebell swinging. In addition, you need to eat
right because you’re wasting your time in the gym if you are eating

About The Author:
Jimmy writes for MMA Training Stuff and an amateur mixed martial artist.

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