American Kettlebell Club World Kettlebell Championships 2010

This weekend we had A LOT of fun as the Chicago Police Training Center was the venue for the American/ World Kettlebell Club World Kettlebell Championships 2010. Valery Fedorenko put on a great show and I'm VERY glad I had the opportunity, along with a few of my Team Synergy Kettlebell Sport Club students, to watch some of the best Kettlebell Sport athletes from within the U.S., and even a few from around the world, compete. We saw some great achievements alongside everyone getting some really good experience on the platform with heavier bells. Just watching them is an experience all in itself. What I mean by that is because of all their hard work which brought them to the platform culminates right on it in that moment. Whatever happens is entirely due to how they prepared both physically AND mentally. Those feelings is exactly why I love to get up there on the platform and test myself each time. I aim to get better and better than my last every time I do.

Outside of that the friends that are gained, and existing relationships deepened, each time I attend Girevoy Sport events is well worth is in itself. Speaking of friends, here's a few pics and a slideshow of the AKC World event so you can see how well it was put together and how fun it was.

Karen Dutina

Jerry Gray

Ken Whetham

Andrew Durnait

Chris Duffey

Svetlana Krutchik achieved Master of Sport World Class with 57 on both arms in Long Cycle. Congrats!!!

Liberty Gray

Annette Jarman

Eric St-Onge

Here's a Slideshow with lots of colorful pics from the event.