America Needs A Rude Awakening... Jared Lies!!!

The other day I had an amazing conversation with a few wise folks on Facebook and thought those of you still under a rock or livin in a cave who don't have a Facebook account should still benefit from what we were talking about.

It all started with Fabian Rodriguez posting this as his status: "If your idea of healthy eating is a Subway sandwich on wheat bread and light mayo, I'm sorry to tell you..... you've been lied to by Jared."

Then it went on and on from there. Here's the nitty gritty tid bits of nutritional wisdom that was written by Fabian Rodriguez, Henry Vega, and myself on the oh so addicting social networking site. By the way, at the end of this post I'm gonna list our Facebook pages for you to befriend us.

America needs a rude awakening...

The average age of cancer is down to like 35 now. Yikes. Vegetarian style eating is the way to go.

Sorry to break the news to you all, but that's like going to McDonalds to eat a salad. Or the crackhouse to get your medicine. lol But for real, don't be fooled. Make food at home.

I'm sorry to tell you but the tuna footlong packs a whopping 1,060 calories, and if your washing it down with a "light" lemonade or "diet" ice tea, add another 100-200 cals. Oh and it has 1,860mg of sodium..YIKES!

Here's a couple more:
Meatball Marinara – 1,160 calories (foot long)
Chicken & Bacon Ranch – 1,140 calories (foot long)
The Feast – 1,100 calories (foot long)
Tuna – 1,060 calories (foot long)
Big Philly Cheesesteak – 1,040 calories (foot long)

You'd be eating more than half of your recommended calorie intake in one sandwich. Your recommended daily caloric intake which is:
about 2500 calories a day for men
about 2000 calories a day for women

If you don't know who Jared is here is his Subway story...

Jared is supposedly the supersized fat dude that decided one day that he was gonna eat Subway twice a day and walk to and from the fast food processed meat joint to get what he thought was good and healthy. He compares it to McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell & Burger King. He used to hold up his pants and show how he used to be a much bigger processed food eater than he is now.

Subway is not only NOT better, but in some ways it can even be worse.

The reason why Jared was so successful in confusing the public is because Jared was the marketing tool they used that got a lot of people thinking that their sandwich's were way healthier than burger joints. The guy was like the regular guy next door and appealed to the general public.

Now you know... the rest of the story.

Where food is concerned:

Soy(very estrogenic), wheat(except organic & sprouted such as Ezekial 4:9 brand if you do have to eat it), and corn(due to very high starch and being genetically altered) are probably 3 of the worst things people regularly put in their bodies. Every day people eat corn and don't even know it. Even if you stay away from eating corn itself and looking to keep it out of all your spices and ingredients you will still get it. If you do eat grain be sure it's gluten free.

If you eat farm raised fish, chicken or beef you eat it without knowing it because those animals are fed mixed grains and starches. Corn is just one of them. The molecules consumed by them that built their flesh do not go away when you eat those animals in your meals. Restaurants, unless otherwise noted, use farm raised as well. It's a little bit cheaper, but at what cost- your health.

Starches, grains, and processed sugars are the leading causes of obesity and unhealthiness.

If the American Diabetic Association endorses vegetarian diets, quickly run and buy some beef! The ADA’s diet recommendations are keeping them dependent on medications that produce large weight gains by added to their insulin productions and thusly their insulin resistance.

The ADA idea on diet are killing diabetics. I have nothing against large amounts of vegetables in the diet, low carb dieters eat a lot of non-root non-starch vegetables but grains like corn, wheat and rice are killers. Don’t fear the butter, fear the bread.

A lot of people refrain from eating too many fattening foods because they believe they'll get fat from consuming fat. BIG MYTH!  ...and one that WILL kill you!

Fish, in itself, is NOT fattening whatsoever. That is a misconception. Pretty much all fish have primarily a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids which are rich in DHA. DHA is the primary benefactor in O-3 foods.

If you do not eat a lot of healthy fats on a daily basis then you will never be as healthy as you can be as well as probably will never be as lean as you can be.

Yeah, BUT what kinda food is best?

Raw foods are the way to go. I doubt those "veggies" are organic. The nutrients you are getting are minimal.there need to be a shift in paradigm in our minds as a whole.just look at the food portions. They are massive to what we should be eating but that is the American standard. The sad part is that people actually, truly believe in their hearts that they are doing the "right thing" its up to all of us to spread the knowledge and tell them not to believe the ads on TV. And those people that tell us that protein burgers are healthy. Don't even get me started there. That's a whole other subject in itself. We get into megahertz and alkalization in foods. Also a bit of digestion or should I say lack of...

One of the beat blends of Omegas 3-6-9 are flax seed fish oil blends. You can buy them in liquid form I prefer Udo's brand. Also let's talk about how digestible is the food you eat. Did you know a juicy steak will take approximately a week to digest yikes...that will stink. Our intestines are small tubes not designed to stuff anything that's a foot long try putting one of those into your water hose. Hmmm, not a smart idea. That why nutritionist recommend to eat foods that are easy to digest. With 70% water content. So think about it the next time you stuff something dry down your throat. Also if you eat 3 -4 times a day but only eliminating once a day if that. What do you think is happening with the rest of it? You can do a million sit ups and waste your time. There are colonics clinics popping up everywhere. Now that awareness is growing. Great topic guys. Way to share the knowledge.

For more info watch the really good movies "FOOD INC." and "King Corn".  They are both great documentaries that are super informative!  They prove that 90% of the products in the typical grocery store have corn and/or soy in them. That's CRAZY!!!

Go to: and for more info on these issues. Know what you eat and what you are eating is eating. It all effects you.

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